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Nutshell + Intercom: Log and Report on Your Web Chats With Our Latest Two-Click Integration

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A well-designed chatbot helps you start conversations with website visitors when you’re online, or capture their info for later outreach when you’re not.

This is a gigantic advantage for an inbound sales team. Instead of waiting for your visitors to find their way to a contact form—and risk floating away, never to be seen again—your chatbot can get in front of them and identify which ones need sales attention.

At Nutshell, our team uses Intercom to generate and qualify leads from our website, and we recently built an Intercom integration for internal use that automatically syncs new contacts and conversations from website chats.

This web chat integration has saved us tons of time while ensuring that any member of our team can understand the full context of our relationship with a prospect or customer. And now, dear Nutshell customers, we’re giving it to you.

Introducing the Nutshell Intercom integration!

This integration automatically adds a person to Nutshell when you complete an Intercom chat with a web visitor, syncs the transcript to their Nutshell feed, and logs the chat as a new activity. You can then report on those activities using our activity report in order to understand the revenue impact of your Intercom chats.

Syncing Intercom to your CRM eliminates the need to manually type in new contacts, copy-paste chat conversations into your customer records, or to switch back and forth between tools—all of which eat up valuable time in your day. Plus, by storing your web chat conversations where your sales and support reps can access them, any member of your team can get full context on a customer relationship.

Get started in two clicks

While logged into Nutshell, go to Setup > Integrations, and click the “Enable” button in the Intercom box. That will send you to Intercom to approve access; click “Authorize access” and you’re done. Every chat you complete will flow into Nutshell. (You can also install this integration from the Intercom app store.)

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