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Design beautiful marketing emails, send them to highly targeted audiences, and see who’s engaging with your messages—all without leaving your favorite CRM.
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Nutshell Marketing is the best solution for Nutshell users looking to turn their email subscribers into buyers. More than just another email marketing platform, Nutshell Marketing connects directly to your CRM data, giving your sellers and marketers a single source of truth for their relationships with each customer.


Get your team on the same page: When you use separate software tools for sales and marketing, things get lost in translation. Nutshell Marketing operates off the same contact database as your CRM, so customer information always stays in sync and your sales team has full visibility into the marketing messages their prospects and clients are receiving.

Save lots and lots of time: No more switching back and forth between your CRM and email marketing tools. No more exporting contacts from one program and importing them to another. And no more messing around with integrations. Nutshell Marketing is purpose-built for Nutshell’s CRM platform, which means it works like a charm right out of the box.

Close more deals: If you’re a marketer who cares about sales outcomes, Nutshell Marketing is the tool for you. In just a few clicks, you can grab a contact list of everyone who clicked on your latest product announcement so your sales team can follow up with them. Since Nutshell Marketing is fully integrated with Nutshell Sales, you can see how effective your marketing messages are at convincing your subscribers to purchase.

What it does

With Nutshell Marketing, you can design email newsletters and broadcasts from scratch or with one of our built-in templates, then use Nutshell’s powerful filtering tools to deliver them to the customers and prospects of your choice. Nutshell provides real-time engagement stats for each email you send, as well as quick lists of everyone who opened, clicked, unsubscribed, and bounced.

Nutshell’s drip sequences allow you to automatically trigger a series of marketing emails based on the criteria of your choice, such as when the prospect enters a specific pipeline stage or the lead closes.

Finally, Nutshell’s timelines keep track of every interaction that your subscribers have with your marketing emails, giving everyone on your team a complete picture of your relationship with each contact.


Nutshell Marketing requires a subscription to Nutshell Sales (starting at $20/month). Every Nutshell subscriber can send 150 marketing emails per month for free. Paid subscriptions to Nutshell Marketing start at just $5, based on your team’s number of marketable contacts. Visit our pricing page to see how much Nutshell Marketing will cost for your team.

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