Fast Onboarding CRM for Small Business

Nutshell is the all-in-one growth software tool that helps B2B teams close more deals.

To ensure a successful CRM adoption, fast onboarding is key.

Complicated CRMs that take days or weeks to implement can create massive disruptions for sales teams—and if a CRM makes a bad first impression, it’s far more likely to be abandoned. About half of all CRM initiatives fail according to C5 Insight, and low user adoption is often cited as the main culprit.

Nutshell’s intuitive small business CRM is so quick and easy to set up that most customers are onboarded in less than a day. In fact, Nutshell earned a 92% satisfaction rate for Ease of Setup from the business software review platform G2 Crowd, compared to an 81% average satisfaction rate among competing CRMs.

Sales reps are often overwhelmed by complex CRMs. And if they have to learn it by themselves, forget it.

Nutshell is simple enough that sales reps can learn it quickly, and we provide free onboarding assistance so your team can start using it tomorrow.

Unlike some other CRM platforms, there’s no need for extensive training or paid CRM administrators. Nutshell’s support team will be happy to help import your contacts and teach you the basics of our award-winning customer relationship management software.

Getting your team on board with Nutshell’s fast onboarding CRM is simple.

Sales reps love to use our CRM because it is specifically designed to help them win more deals, and reduces the need for manual data entry. What’s more, Nutshell helps you build a standardized sales process for your company, which reduces the learning curve and speeds up the onboarding period for new sales reps.

“Nutshell is simple. It’s as user-friendly as it gets and new sales reps pick it up more quickly than any other CRM we’ve tried.”

Chris J.   Owner   Joffe Emergency Services.

Nutshell offers a fast onboarding CRM for small business, getting sales teams up-and-running in one day.

Does your team need a CRM that doesn’t require extensive training and endless setup? Try Nutshell free for 14 days!

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