Nutshell vs.

Nutshell is a simple, powerful, and affordable CRM and sales automation platform that integrates with dozens of popular business software applications and offers the most  advanced pipeline automation tools on the market. 

Freshsales is a lightweight CRM that offers solid built-in features, as well as the ability to integrate with other Freshworks products for various services like marketing, project management, and internal IT services.

Nutshell’s four main advantages over Freshsales are:

  • Cost/value
  • No limit on automated email sequences
  • Automatic intelligence about your prospects
  • No data limits

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Internet marketing can be a long sales process. We went from closing in 120-150 days to around 21 days.

Kevin E. TrustWorkz, Inc

Nutshell vs. Freshsales, head-to-head

Comparisons based on similarly priced packages (Nutshell Pro and Freshsales Estate)


There’s also a really cool ‘wallboard’ feature that we place on a big TV in our sales area and it shows live updates and biggest lead wins that month. It’s pretty motivating for our sales team.

Matthew W. SafetySync


The perfect blend of function and ease of use! I can’t believe how good Nutshell is!

Alan P. Skytop Business Loans; Golden Mile Funding


It’s the most important piece of software in our business.

Peter K. Formfunc Studio


We see Nutshell as a “team member” in growing our company.

Dirk E. Global CIF, LLC


A perfect system that meets all our requirements; Flexible and easy to customize.

Eitan K. Vimmi

#madprops: Real quotes from real Nutshell customers

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