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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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A comprehensive CRM comparison

Nutshell vs. SugarCRM

Choosing the right CRM is crucial for your business. Explore why Nutshell is the right CRM over Zoho. Nutshell’s standout features include:

  • Powerful yet easy-to-use CRM, sales, and marketing automation platform
  • Providing free world-class customer support
  • Industry-leading pipeline automation tools with advanced functionality
  • In-app email marketing suite with robust marketing and analytics
  • An affordable pricing model that doesn’t compromise on features
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What is Sugar CRM?

Sugar Sell was formerly known as Sugar CRM that provides complex enterprise-level sales, marketing, support, and call center tools.. Despite the rebranding, Sugar Sell carries most of the same features as it always has, aiming to increase efficiency in customer sales. On its website, it claims to help you anticipate your customers’ actions so you can sell better and convert more leads.

With its strengths, Sugar Sell also faces drawbacks. Sparse reporting tools leave gaps in customer knowledge, hindering a comprehensive understanding. Users grapple with slow loading times, impacting sales outcomes. Moreover, inconsistent and inefficient customer support raises concerns about the quality of assistance, creating variability in user experiences.

What is Nutshell?

Nutshell is an award-winning CRM platform that helps B2B sales and marketing teams work together to close more deals. Powerful enough to support any element of your business and simple enough to implement without a paid admin or IT department, Nutshell is favored among small to medium-sized companies who know better than to overpay for software they’ll never use. Furthermore, Nutshell’s features often outshine the competitors in terms of both usability and comprehensiveness, according to customer reviews.

Nutshell is dedicated to helping businesses grow their revenue and solving the most critical challenge of sales and marketing software: motivating teams to use it. We’re passionate about our customers’ success, and we love finding new ways to take the frustrations out of selling.

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Nutshell vs. Sugar Sell comparison

The pipeline from Sugar Sell user to Nutshell devotee is well-defined, and our team decided to take a closer look and try to discover why that is. What we found is that customers came to us to find a customer relationship management (CRM) software that’s easier to use, more integrative to existing communications and information, and highly customizable.

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Sugar Sell Pros

So, what draws businesses to Sugar? Its wide range of customization options caters to many processes, allowing businesses to streamline their work as the CRM helps them draw in more leads. While it may be a good platform to understand how CRMs work and what’s possible within them, comparisons between Sugar CRM and other software show that it may not be the best fit for some operations.

customer's review sharing what they like about Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell Cons

While Sugar lets custom management options take center stage, it comes with the drawback of slower performance. When you need immediate results, even a few minutes can make the difference between closing on a lead and letting them drift to a faster competitor. Plus, the software’s reporting system is not as detailed as most other platforms, potentially leaving out valuable information you could use to further your success.

What’s more, getting help might be tricky. Users report customer support is often inefficient and inconsistent, yielding significant variation in the response depending on who you’re talking to.

customer's text response sharing what they dislike about Sugar Sell

Nutshell: A great Sugar Sell alternative

Nutshell brings CRM to the modern age, and our users notice the difference from the second they sign up for their free trial.

  • Advanced automation tools: Nutshell provides advanced automation features with real-time data syncing for convenient access from anywhere. Our processes are customizable, ensuring it aligns with the unique needs of your business.
  • Intuitive interface and seamless onboarding: With an intuitive interface and robust onboarding support, Nutshell ensures seamless integration of existing information for a quick start.
  • Integrated communications and cross-site management: Bring everything you were using before with you to Nutshell. Our platform integrates seamlessly with Slack, Gmail, and most other professional platforms.
  • Knowledgeable support staff: Our support team assists in setting up processes, ensuring efficiency, and contributing to the continuous growth of your brand.
  • Free automatic data import: Transfer your SugarCRM data automatically into Nutshell in just a few clicks, no setup required.
  • Transparent pricing: What you see on our pricing page is what you pay, period. We don’t do hidden fees or upsell pricing.
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Constructing a Better Nutshell Experience

We listen to and anticipate the needs of our customers to provide a user-friendly and affordable CRM filled with valuable features.

We regularly add new features and update our software to provide superior service including:

  • AppConnect to connect your CRM data with the apps you already use
  • Scheduler to simplify meeting planning and appointments
  • PeopleIQ to automatically tracks visitors to your website and their company data
  • And many more

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Easy to Use. Easy to Sell. That’s Nutshell.


I’ve used CRM software on Mac, PC, and mid-range IBM systems. Nutshell is at the top of the heap.

Mark T. and The Gabriel Institute

Nutshell vs. Sugar CRM, head-to-head

PER USER COST Comparisons based on similarly priced packages (Nutshell Pro and Sugar Sell Advanced)

CONTACTS AND DATA STORAGE Unlimited contact, company records and data storage.

NEXT ACTION BASED SELLING Provide your team with guidance for each stage in your pipeline and automate processes like reminders, email sequences, and more.

EMAIL AND LIVE CHAT TECHNICAL SUPPORT Available on Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 7:30pm eastern (excluding holidays).

DRAG AND DROP PIPELINE MANAGEMENT Flexibility for teams who have multiple processes or to use for other objectives such as Customer Retention or Customer Success.

SALES FORECASTING Forecast report, Losses report, Activity report, Funnel report and Custom reports.

PIPELINE ANALYTICS Instantly view how you’re tracking against quota and previous periods, and segment by product, rep, lead source, and more to identify what’s really driving your sales.

FREE IPHONE/ANDROID APPS Included mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to access the power of Nutshell anywhere.

MOBILE BUSINESS CARD SCANNER Nutshell’s business card scanner is lightweight and built into the Nutshell mobile app.

EMAIL MARKETING SUITE WITH AUTOMATIONS Nutshell Campaigns is an add-on that starts for as little as $5/mo and is based on the number of contacts. Even without adding Nutshell Campaigns, you are able to send up to a certain number of emails with Nutshell Campaigns based on your CRM plan.

MULTIPLE SALES PROCESSES Nutshell Pro customers can define unique sales pipelines to track entirely different types of sales. Each pipeline has its own stages.

AUTOMATED PERSONAL EMAIL SEQUENCES Create and schedule one-on-one sales drips that are more likely to capture attention. Nutshell triggers a sales sequence at the pipeline stage of your choice, remembers the follow-up for you so that valuable prospects don’t float away, and stops the sequence as soon as they reply.

INTEGRATES WITH THIRD-PARTY BUSINESS SOFTWARE Nutshell offers dozens of software integrations, allowing you to access all your data and run your business from a single tool.

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$85 per month billed annually with no monthly option, minimum of 3 users, so the minimum monthly cost is $255/mo

15 GB of total storage

Upgrade required

No live chat

Upgrade required



iPad and Android apps

No, pay as you go apps available




Native mail and calendar integrations; third-party integrations available for individual download on Sugar Exchange

Available Add-ons


a page that shows add-on options for Nutshell CRM

Try our Sugar Sell alternative

You don’t have to believe our word—sign up for a free 14-day trial and see it for yourself. Once you discover the power of working with Nutshell, you’ll be ready to make the switch for good.

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Be sure you have a high-level techie available if you want [SugarCRM] to conform to the way your company does business.


Nutshell is simple. It’s as user-friendly as it gets and new sales reps pick it up more quickly than any other CRM we’ve tried.

Chris J. Joffe Emergency Services

With an interface I can teach to someone in five minutes, Nutshell does everything we need without the complexity and ‘clunkiness’ of other CRMs.

Matt S. Web Talent Marketing

While [SugarCRM] appears ‘out of the box useable’, it quickly becomes prohibitively expensive for small companies to train one of their own to tailor the CRM.

Jeremy A. G2Crowd

One thing that really keeps us using Nutshell is just the great support you guys provide. The great follow up on issues, and always listening to the customers’ needs and requests stands out and is above and beyond.

Rob D. Vega Consulting Group

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