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Automate the tasks that slow your sales team down and get all the insights you need to optimize your sales process. See why thousands of B2B companies around the world use Nutshell Pro to close more deals faster.

  • Sales pipeline automation
  • Advanced reporting suite
  • Personal email sequences
  • And much more (keep reading…)

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    Design the perfect sales process

    Build and automate a sales pipeline that reduces time-wasting tasks and helps your reps know what to do at every moment. Specify the actions and follow-ups that need to happen from initial qualification through closing and beyond, and accurately measure the impact of your efforts.


    Write less email, get more replies

    Build and customize personal email sequences that inspire more of your recipients to take action. Nutshell’s email sequences can be set up to trigger automatically at the pipeline stage of your choice and they’ll shut off as soon as your prospect replies. We remember the follow-up for you, so you can focus on more important things.


    Tame your sales funnel

    Which sales activities are working and which are slowing your team down? Nutshell’s funnel report gives you insight on where deals are getting stuck or lost in your pipeline so you can make targeted improvements.


    Track your team’s effort and productivity

    An essential coaching tool, Nutshell’s Activity report gives you a detailed look at how your sales reps are spending their time, helping you fine-tune your process and provide more effective guidance.


    The best value in CRM, period.

    Dial, record, and log your calls with one click

    If your team makes a lot of outbound calls, you’ll love click-to-call. Just click a contact’s phone number, and Nutshell will connect, record, and log the call automatically. There are no limitations on minutes or the number of calls you make, and Nutshell makes it easy to take notes.

    Keep an eye on your hottest deals

    Nutshell Pro helps you stay focused on the opportunities that matter the most. With hot leads, you can mark any valuable opportunity “hot” in one click and it’ll stand out from the pack wherever your leads appear.

    Know where you stand

    How is your sales team tracking against their targets? Nutshell Pro gives you the ability to set quotas, and our Forecast report gives you a real-time look at how your sales and projected sales compare to your goal.


    Calculate your cost

    Plug in your team size and the plan you’re interested in, and we’ll do the math for you.


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    per user per month


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    $ 35

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    1 User/s $ 192

    Annual Charge $ 192


    More pipelines = more power

    If your sales team has to manage distinctly different sales efforts, a single pipeline doesn’t cut it. With Nutshell Pro, you can configure multiple sets of stages to track different types of leads. Whether your business sells products as well as services, frequently resells to existing customers, or needs to track complex enterprise sales as well as quick self-service sales, multiple pipelines are a life-saver.

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