Nutshell Pro

$420 / user / year

Empower your sales team to sell smarter by focusing on the activities that move a sale forward.

Use Nutshell Pro CRM on your desktop, iOS, and Android devices

Nutshell Pro is for sales teams that want to learn quickly. What’s working, what’s not? Even if you’ve never formalized your sales process you’ll start selling smarter in days—not months.

Sales funnel reporting

Stop guessing at how you’ll make your numbers this quarter and start understanding what is actually moving deals forward. You’ll learn what sales activities work and which are slowing your team down.

The sales funnel report shows clear metrics for the state of your leads


Cut the cord and automatically track your calls. All you need is a browser and a headset to click a phone number and start selling. Recording is built-in and Nutshell makes it easy to take notes.

Call contacts directly from the Nutshell app and save your conversations to review later

Sales process builder

Select the sales stages and processes from a list of templates, or start from scratch. Configure your sales process in an afternoon and start measuring your team’s effectiveness the very next day.

Enjoy full customization over your sales process

Sales automation

As your leads progress, Nutshell can automatically take actions like updating forecasts, collecting additional information, or sending to MailChimp.

Sales process actions can trigger off a variety of criteria

Define tasks that collect data

Tell Nutshell what information your team needs to collect during your sales process. You can require custom fields, activities or product information before a lead is advanced to the next stage.

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