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Sales Tools and Advice

The B2B Marketer’s Toolkit

From finding new lead channels to nailing your SEO game, this 47-page guide collects the best marketing tips ever published on the Nutshell blog.


the b2b marketer's toolkit: 120+ tips for generating more leads and outwitting your competitors

The Complete Guide to Writing MUCH Better Sales Emails

Are your emails worth replying to? This guide collects 50+ pro tips for personalizing your sales emails (without being creepy), dodging the spam filter, following up with prospects, and nurturing your customers after the sale.


the complete guide to writing much better sales emails by the Sell to Win team

The Sell to Win Playbook

Are your emails worth replying to? This guide collects 50+ pro tips for personalizing your sales emails (without being creepy), dodging the spam filter, following up with prospects, and nurturing Want to learn from the masters? Read these 55 expert tips from some of the world’s most highly regarded sales thought-leaders. customers after the sale.


the Sell to Win playbook: 55 expert sales tips to drive your success

Sales Manager’s Survival Guide

What makes a great sales leader? Download this guide to get 70+ expert strategies for hiring, coaching, and motivating your team.


Sales Process Worksheet

Use our step-by-step worksheet to standardize the buying process for your company and lay out the key tasks and goals that your sales reps need to complete along the way. (Not a traditional “sales” team? Check out our pipeline worksheet for non-profits and our all-purpose pipeline worksheet for non-sellers.)


two sheets of paper with one titled pipeline worksheet and the other has the words sales process

16 B2B Cold Email Templates From the Experts

We asked 16 sales and marketing experts for the best cold email templates that they’ve ever received or sent, and compiled them here for easy copy-and-pasting.


16 Sales Process Templates for B2B Pipelines

Whether you’re building your first pipeline from scratch or want to overhaul an existing process, these sales process templates will give you a great head-start.


blue paper boats in a row with the words "Nutshell 16 sales Process templates for b2b pipelines"

101 Task Ideas for Any Sales Process

Tasks are recurring activities that your sales reps follow on every lead to keep their deals moving forward. Browse through our suggestions and grab the ones that best fit the way your team sells.


101 task ideas for any sales Process

How to Warm Up Your Cold Outreach (Sample Campaign)

Prospects are far more likely to buy when they’ve heard of you before. This step-by-step outbound campaign template shows you how to get on your contacts’ radars before you start dialing.


origami penguins against a blue background for Nutshell's "How to warm up your cold outreach" resource

Modern Age Approach to Customer Relationships

Learn the importance of customer relationships and how AI can enhance them. Download our free guide to learn about the modern-age strategies from Nutshell.

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A Modern-Age Approach to Customer Relationships

Insider’s Guide to Choosing a CRM in 2024

Find the perfect CRM solution to improve your team’s efficiency, build stronger customer relationships, close more deals, and boost revenue.

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Insider’s Guide to Choosing a CRM in 2024

Sales Pipeline: The Complete Training Guide

Transform your sales process with our comprehensive sales pipeline training guide. From filling your pipeline to pipeline management, learn it all.

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Sales Pipeline: The Complete Training Guide

CRM Resources

Does My Business Need CRM?

Download this PDF guide to learn what CRM is, whether or not your business is ready for it, and the eight factors you need to consider before selecting a CRM platform.


does my business need crm? a helpful guide to understanding the benefits of customer relationship management software

CRM Comparison Worksheet

Use our interactive checklist to compare Nutshell with your current contact management solution and any other CRMs you’re evaluating.


Nutshell Resources

Making the Case for Nutshell

Need to convince your boss or team members that Nutshell is the right choice? This presentation deck contains everything they’ll need to know, from the product benefits and price to the four things Nutshell offers that other CRMs don’t.


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