Contact Management

Easily store and find your team's prospects and customers

Bring all of your team's contacts together

Import and instantly share

Whether you're coming from an address book, spreadsheet, or another sales tool, Nutshell makes it easy to import your team's information.

Easily add Companies, People, and Leads from any source.

  • Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, CSV file

  • Sales and Marketing software (CRM)

  • Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, and more

  • iPhone & Android Contacts

Keep contacts up-to-date

Snap, sync, and go

Adding new contacts is simple. Scan a business card at a conference, synchronize your phone contacts, and collect customer information directly from your website. Nutshell works the way you do.

Work together with your team

Seamless customer handoff from sales to support (and back!)

Give everyone visibility into your team's contacts and interactions, including timelines of email and phone calls, notes and activities. Anyone on your team can pick up where you left off. Your customers will thank you for saving them time.