Customer Support

Keep track of every interaction no matter where it happens

View every customer interaction

Nutshell centralizes every conversation, email, purchase, and support request that a customer had with your company. All of this information and history is available for any member of your team can view it and provide a terrific customer experience.

Know the customer before answering the phone

Nutshell integrates with VoIP service, RingCentral, so that your support team can pull up an incoming caller’s timeline in Nutshell when the phone rings. Make your support team more productive and customers even happier by answering their questions more quickly.

The hub for your favorite support apps

Nutshell has native integrations with leading customer support tools like UserVoice and Zendesk. When customers submit support tickets, and your team responds, all of that information will exist in Nutshell. No matter the reason, or method of communication, Nutshell will house a complete timeline of all customer communications.

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