Win more contracts by organizing your client information and improving your sales process. Nutshell is the turnkey CRM for resellers and VARs built for outbound sales teams like yours.


Centralize your client information

Get sales, service, account management, and billing on the same page by storing your clients’ contact information, service details, and communications all in one place—accessible to your entire team from any device.

Stay on top of your leads, RFPs, proposals, and contracts

Never let a deal fall through the cracks by prioritizing your most promising leads, setting up automated reminders, and keeping track of every deal’s status.

Track quotas, forecast revenue, and constantly improve your sales process

Quickly compare actual revenue to quotas and targets to track your progress. View automatically-prepared forecasts. Shorten your sales cycle by identifying high-performing sales reps and the common traits of stalled deals.

Get your team up and running fast

Nutshell makes CRM adoption as easy as possible:

  • Fast and free onboarding. Import all your customer information in less than a day, with absolutely no IT department or implementation consultant required.
  • Sure-fire adoption. Intuitive, mobile-friendly design, quick-start training, and real humans you can talk to (yes, it’s true!) means your team will be up and running with Nutshell on Day 1.

One of our key sales team members wrecked his bicycle, and the rest of the team needed to step in where he left off. Because we had Nutshell in place, we were able to follow-up with his open sales leads fairly seamlessly while he recovered, and we didn’t miss out on any opportunities.

Dree Z. Director of Marketing Human Element

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