Lead Management Software

Track every opportunity and optimize your day

Save time and sell smarter with a sales process

Make your sales team more productive by crafting a sales process that works how your customers evaluate and buy. From initial qualification through final negotiations, Nutshell lets you specify the actions, follow-ups, and timing that fits your business.

Distribute leads to the right people

Set up rules to automatically assign new leads to the appropriate sales representative, based on the criteria you choose. Assignees will be reminded who they need to contact and when they need to call or email.

Manage your individual tasks

Your personal dashboard will tell you which sales process steps need to be completed and by when. You can also sync Nutshell with your calendar so you never forget about an upcoming activity. Whether it’s following up with a customer, or nurturing a lead, Nutshell makes sure that you never drop the ball.

Make phone calls with a click

Nutshell wants to make communication as easy and streamlined as possible. With click-to-call, you’re only seconds away from speaking with your customers. Nutshell will even log the call for you, automatically, so you have a record of when you last made contact.

Collect prospect info from your website

Add a form to your site and import contacts directly into Nutshell. This may be configured to create a new lead and kick off your sales process.

Save time with email templates

Skip writing the same introductions and start using templates. Nutshell has auto-fill rules so you can fire off personalized emails to a prospect in seconds.