The CRM that helps small businesses grow

Quickly see the big picture—and dive into details

Track your team’s progress, compare it to historical performance and forecast future sales. Get instant insight into the status of every lead, from deal size and probability to expected close date and next steps.

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Manage your team more effectively

Assign leads, set quotas, and track the performance of everyone on your team. Get insight into activities so you can coach your team to meet their goals.

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Centralize your prospect and customer information

Without CRM, your sales team’s contacts and interactions are scattered across multiple email accounts and spreadsheets. Nutshell consolidates that valuable customer information and makes it easily accessible from any device.

Get up and running fast

Our intuitive software is so quick and easy to set up that most customers are onboarded in less than a day. With Nutshell, you won’t need to hire an implementation consultant or a CRM administrator. We've got your back!

Bring your team on board

Nutshell is the CRM sales reps love to use—because it is specifically designed to help them win more deals. What’s more, our standardized sales processes reduce the learning curve for new hires, speeding up the ramp period for new sales reps.

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crm for sales managers

Get more bang for your buck

Gartner’s Capterra rates Nutshell one of the Most Affordable CRMs (out of nearly 500 evaluated), giving it a 10 out of 10 for functionality. With Nutshell you also get unlimited contacts with no data caps or add-on charges, and no additional costs for live support, so you’re never surprised by overage charges.

I’ve tried to get many people to use many different CRMs. Nutshell is the only one I’ve always been able to get people using.

Brady M. W. Tute Genomics

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