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Nutshell is both simple and powerful

Simple enough for any user.

Unite your sales and marketing efforts.

Track every lead from source to sale.


Unbounce allows you to effortlessly build and test landing pages that capture and track form submissions generated by your marketing campaigns without the help of a developer.

Nutshell captures all the information from those forms, including marketing source, and automatically creates a lead for the sales team to work. Then our crazy powerful reporting tool shows you which campaign or channel produced the most sales.

We’ve developed a partnership with Unbounce to give Nutshell customers 20% off the first three months of their Unbounce subscription.



Connect your sales and marketing efforts to drive revenue growth.

At Nutshell we believe in the necessity of collaboration between sales and marketing teams. We view sales and marketing as just one team focused on growth.

We’ve built this integration and our CRM to help your sales and marketing efforts work better, together. You can use Nutshell and Unbounce to generate better leads that close more deals.

Simple enough for any user.

Sophisticated enough for any business.

  • Find every contact, customer, and conversation
  • Automate your sales process
  • View and track your leads
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Report on your performance

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