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We came over from Salesforce after six years of use and our sales team couldn’t be happier.

Matthew W. SafetySync

Nutshell is hands down the most user-friendly CRM I’ve ever used. LOVE LOVE LOVE Nutshell!

Phil C. Software Consulting Services, LLC

We left Hubspot for Nutshell because Hubspot was too complex. Nutshell makes software for humans.

Daniel H. EOS

Absolutely amazing customer and product support. I’m in love with Nutshell inside and out.

Mike C. Chesser Roe

Nutshell has helped my staff clear up literally 50% of their time.

Jennifer A. Eclectic Music

Pipeline management

Keep track of every deal

Nutshell offers the most flexible B2B sales tracking platform, offering multiple ways for sales reps to view, manage, and prioritize their leads.


Sales automation

Automate the small stuff

From automatic lead assignment and lead advancement to task reminders, Nutshell reduces busywork for managers and sellers so you can focus on building relationships.


Email sequences

Get more replies

Put your sales outreach on autopilot. Nutshell’s personal email sequences remember the follow-up for you and work in the background until you get a reply.


Reporting & analytics

Know where you stand

Measure what matters, right out of the box. Nutshell’s fully customizable reports show sales managers what’s working and what needs to be improved.


Web forms

Collect more leads

Give your website visitors a way to connect with you. Nutshell’s embeddable forms are easy to set up and automatically turn submissions into new contacts and leads.


Email marketing

Turn subscribers into buyers

Build targeted audiences from your CRM contacts, send beautifully designed marketing emails with the help of built-in templates, and see who’s engaging with your messages in real time.


World-class live support for all customers

We want you to succeed. That’s why we don’t charge extra for support. Our friendly support team has your back from the moment you start your trial. We’ll even help migrate your data so you can get up-and-running fast.


Thousands of Integrations

So that you can unite your favorite tools

Connect and centralize the tools you use to run your business. Nutshell natively integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office email and calendars. It’s so easy you don’t need an IT department!



What makes Nutshell different from other CRMs?


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