The Best Webform Software for Small Businesses (Under $50/Month)

If you think you might need webform software, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve done the research, we’ve used the products, we’ve experienced all the webform software highs and lows so that you don’t have to. Here’s our breakdown of the best budget-friendly webform software in the game and why they deserve your time.

What is webform software? 

Webforms are forms that collect user data of varying types. Chances are, you’ve used them before if you’ve shopped online, signed up for an email list, or created an online account. 

Grrreat content alert: For a deeper dive into the technology and functionality behind webforms, check out our primer on webforms for marketing.

Webforms are a great way to make your small business accessible. From lead generation to e-contracts to feedback, collecting data is an essential part of online business. Webform software allows you to create forms that collect data of varying types, including email addresses, signatures, payment info, and more.

By collecting voluntary user data, webforms add some tangibility to the anonymous users on the other side of the screen. 

What should I be looking for in webform software?

It’s a good idea to take a quick needs assessment before looking for new software. Here are a few starter questions:

  • What kind of forms do I see benefitting my small business?
  • How many forms do I think I’ll need? 
  • How much storage do I need for the data I’m collecting?
  • Which integrations am I looking for?
  • How much am I willing to spend?

So to keep things fair and relevant, we stuck to the following criteria:

  • Price of “best value/most popular” plan
  • Integrations
  • Storage
  • Customization features

The best online webform software solutions:


Why we love it: Seamlessly connects to your CRM

Plan Cost:

Included with every Nutshell Sales subscription (starting at $16/user/month)

Notable features:

  • Custom web form designer
  • Unlimited forms
  • Copy-and-paste website embed codes
  • Automatically-generated hosted pages
  • Real-time performance tracking


Nutshell is an award-winning growth software platform best known for its CRM and email marketing features. In February 2022, Nutshell released a native form-builder that automatically creates new CRM contact records and leads from form submissions and updates existing records, without the need for complicated integrations.

Nutshell customers can embed forms on their websites using a code snippet, or share their forms on a simple hosted page accessible by custom URL. Not only do Nutshell Forms provide all the basic web form functionality that inbound sales and marketing teams need, the subscription price of Nutshell is lower than many forms-only solutions.

Cognito Forms

Why we love it: Solid and flexible

Plan Cost:

$35/month for 5 seats

Notable features:

  • 10,000 API calls per day
  • Conditional logic
  • Calculations
  • Table fields
  • Rating scales
  • File uploads
  • Data Encryption
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Integromat, JSON Webhooks, Microsoft Power Automate, and Zapier.


We’d recommend Cognito Forms to small businesses owners who have experience with webforms and want versatility from their forms. With 5 seats available at $35 per month, you get super customizable forms with form folders, email notifications, bulk downloads, and entry sharing.

Customers’ main complaints seem to be that Cognito Forms can be difficult to learn to use and time-consuming, but what the software lacks in simplicity it seems to make up for in flexibility.


Why we love it: Most storage

Plan Cost:


Notable Features:

  • 100 GB of storage space
  • Unlimited submission storage
  • 100 forms
  • Unlimited monthly form views and reports
  • Removable branding
  • HIPAA compliance


Jotform’s Silver plan fits comfortably in our price range at $29/month billed yearly. Jotform is perfect for the small business that needs a lot of storage for forms, payment submissions, and user data. The Silver plan also features 10,000 monthly submissions and 1,000 monthly payment submissions. While it may not have the integrations that other softwares offer, it is certainly worth considering.

Jotform customers rave about its ease of use, professional layouts, and customer service. The biggest complaint seems to be the lack of integrations and their mobile app user experience.


Why we love it: Tons of integrations

Plan Cost:

$50/month for 3 seats

Notable Features:

  • 500+ integrations with Zapier
  • Additional integrations with  Asana,, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Airtable, Pipedrive, and Slack Integrations
  • Unlimited forms
  • Webhooks
  • Email notifications
  • Custom meta descriptions
  • Question branching/Logic jumps


Typeform’s Plus plan is a great webform software for the business owner who wants their forms to really pop. At $50/month when paid yearly, it features webhooks, email notifications, and over 500 integrations with Zapier in addition to Asana,, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Airtable, Pipedrive, and Slack.

With advanced logic, 1,000 responses per month, 3 seats, and unlimited customizable webforms, this plan allows you to create forms that suit a wide range of needs.

Typeform customers love how easy Typeform is to use but caution that the reporting is a little more basic than other software and the plans are inflexible.


Is Nutshell a perfect match for your favorite software?

Nutshell integrates with tons of software, both natively and through Zapier. See if your favorites are on the list.


Honorable mentions:


Plan cost:


SurveySparrow is on the more expensive side of webform software. Their pricing is split into personal and business, each of which contains 3 subplans. As a small business owner, it’s a safe bet that you can get away with using a $29 per month personal plan as the business plans range in the hundreds per month.

SurveySparrow’s premium personal plan features extremely customizable forms that include unlimited questions, randomization, logic, scoring, cross tabulation, custom CSS, redirects, and question and answer piping. It’s a powerful webform software that goes above and beyond what some small businesses will need, but we think it’s a great software that is certainly worth the mention.

SurveySparrow customers rave about how beautiful and easy the forms are but many complain that the pricing is steep. To quote one G2 review “You definitely get what you pay for!” 


Plan Cost:

$49 per seat per month

Notable Features:

PandaDoc is great for the on-the-go business owner who wants to be able to send contracts and collect payments without being at their desk. While not as fine-tune customizable as some of the other software we’ve listed, the easy-to-use drag and drop editor and mobile app are definite time savers. We’d recommend this software to the small business owner that relies on a smooth electronic signature process and wants high-power document analytics.

Other features include CRM and Zapier integrations, pricing tables, bulk sending, unlimited signatures and document uploads, templates, and custom branding. It is worth noting that while PandaDoc boasts about 24/7 support, you are more likely to have to navigate your way through a chatbot conversation before reaching a real support person– a feature that, while at times helpful, can be extremely frustrating. 

PandaDoc’s customers love it and have very few complaints aside from features the software lacks, such as filters and multiple linked emails. PandaDoc is another more expensive software and we encourage you to take a good look at the pricing available that is best suited for you.

Wufoo by SurveyMonkey

Plan cost:

$29 per seat per month

Notable features:

Wufoo is a solid webform software that features great UX, 25,000 API Requests, 5 GB of storage, payment collection, and unlimited forms and reports. The forms are simple and are not the most impressive we’ve seen, but at $29.08/month they’re pretty good.

The reporting is not as powerful as other software in this list, but it’s a good choice if you’re looking to add a webform to your marketing funnel. Other features we like include their field encryption, password-protected forms, form rules, customization features, and redirects. 

Customers seem quite happy with Wufoo’s webforms, occasionally complaining about the software being a bit dated and clunky to use.

We believe webform software is a worthwhile investment, but if you’re not sure, most of the above software offers a free version or trial to make up your mind.


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