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Expanding Nutshell’s Conversational AI With Notetaker 

Sometimes, typing notes about a customer call or interaction with a prospect just isn’t as fast as you’d like it to be, especially if you have a lot to write down. 

Introducing Nutshell Notetaker, the new voice-to-text tool as part of Power AI, our plan powered by artificial intelligence. Notetaker helps you get your thoughts down faster. With Notetaker, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately add notes, comment on logged activities, mention teammates, and write emails in Nutshell—all using your voice instead of your keyboard.

You talk, and Nutshell types. Simple as that!

How does Notetaker work? 

Notetaker uses your computer’s microphone to record and transcribe your voice into text in Nutshell for faster note-taking. 

There are three convenient places where you can use Notetaker: 

1. In the ‘Log an activity’ and ‘Write a note’ tabs on top of Person, Company, and Lead timelines:

2. The notes section in the activity dialog:

3. In your Nutshell email composer:

How do I use Notetaker?

To use Notetaker, you’ll first need to grant Nutshell permission to your computer’s microphone so Notetaker can transcribe your voice.

When you click the Notetaker button for the first time, you’ll see a dialog popup requesting access to your computer’s microphone. Once you allow access, you’ll be ready to start transcribing notes.  

The next time you click the Notetaker button, the button will change to the red recording icon to indicate that your voice is now being recorded. All you need to do is start speaking and Nutshell will turn your spoken words into written text. Click the button a final time to stop the recording and edit your notes if needed.

Nutshell Notetaker FAQs 

Is Notetaker available for multiple languages?

Currently, Notetaker only supports English.

How long can a transcription be?

Notetaker will write down your notes whether they’re one minute long or more than an hour—there’s no limit to how long transcriptions can be!

Can I use Notetaker if I’m not on a Power AI plan?

If you want to try out Notetaker without being on a Power AI plan, you’ll be able to use five transcriptions per month. Upgrade to a PowerAI plan to enjoy unlimited access to transcriptions.

Type less and remember more with Nutshell Notetaker

Want to speed up note-taking and email composing in Nutshell? Get started with Notetaker today, or head to your billing page to upgrade to Power AI! 

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