Introducing A/B Testing in Nutshell Campaigns 

Knowing what strategies work for engaging your customers and leads is crucial for marketing success, which is ultimately business success. 

To help solve that need, we’ve launched a major update to Nutshell Campaigns — the ability to run A/B tests on your marketing emails. A/B testing lets you easily create variations of your campaigns to optimize your emails and spark better results.

With this new update, Nutshell Campaigns is getting even more powerful at helping your team discover the best ways to connect with leads and customers. 

How does A/B testing in Nutshell Campaigns work?

A/B testing lets you create two versions of a campaign and test which one results in more conversions from your audience. You can experiment with email design and copy to determine which subject lines, preview text, and content increases your email open and click rates. 

You’ll schedule your emails to send to subsets of your audience and select how you want Nutshell Campaigns to determine a winning campaign. Then let Nutshell handle the data collection for you! 

What can I customize with A/B testing in Nutshell Campaigns?

With this feature, you’ll have full control over how to test your campaigns’ success. Before you launch your campaign, you get to decide:

  • Which criteria Nutshell should use to select the winning version, whether open or click rates.
  • What percentage of your audience will receive the test emails.
  • How long Nutshell should collect data before declaring a winner.
  • Which version Nutshell should send in case of a tie.

One of the best parts of A/B testing in Nutshell Campaigns is the automation. Once Nutshell collects email open and click data for the length of time you specified, it automatically determines the top-performing variation and delivers it to the rest of your audience, helping you drive next-level results.

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of campaigns can I A/B test?

You can A/B test a new broadcast or newsletter in Nutshell Campaigns. You can also enable A/B testing on existing broadcasts and newsletters.

Does audience engagement affect results after a winning campaign is selected? 

Any audience engagement metrics after the email testing period ends isn’t included in test results. 

Is there a minimum or maximum audience size for A/B testing?

You must send A/B test emails to a minimum of 20 recipients, but A/B tests are most helpful when sent to an audience of at least 1,000. There is no maximum audience count.

Level up your team’s marketing savvy with Nutshell Campaigns

Use A/B testing in Nutshell Campaigns to learn what works best for your audience and quickly leverage those insights to increase audience engagement, strengthen relationships, and ignite more growth for your business. 

Still have questions? Our A/B testing support article can point you in the right direction. You can also reach out to our support team for assistance!

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