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Nutshell Announces Free Marketing Seats

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Want to get more of your marketing team on your CRM and email marketing platform so they can send email campaigns, but don’t want to pay for an entire seat? A new update we’ve been hinting at is here!

Introducing three free marketing seats for Nutshell Pro customers and above!

Nutshell is here to help sales and marketing teams work better together. Because when you can create marketing audiences from your CRM contacts, track and target website visitors, and drill down into how contacts are interacting with your email campaigns, you revolutionize your marketing outreach. 

Read on for the details of Nutshell’s three free marketing seats!

Why free marketing seats are helpful for your team

Before this update, if you wanted to add a new team member to Nutshell, you had to pay for an entire seat—even if they only needed access to certain marketing functions. 

Now you can add any three team members you want to the free marketing role—whether marketing interns, copywriters, IT professionals, or whoever else needs access to your marketing functions and settings.

What your free marketing seats can access 

Marketing team members have full access to everything under the Marketing section in the Nutshell app. These team members will be able to:

  • Create, schedule, and send email broadcasts and newsletters
  • Automate multi-email drip sequences
  • Create targeted audience lists
  • Monitor website analytics
  • Track VisitorIQ and CompetitorIQ data
  • Manage Nutshell forms and connected forms
  • Design and launch landing pages

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to a few of your most burning questions about Nutshell’s new free marketing seats:

Who are the free marketing seats for? 

All customers on Nutshell Pro plans and above can add three marketers to their Nutshell account—for absolutely free.

How do I add my free marketing seats?

You can add your free marketing teammates to your account by navigating to your company settings, clicking on “Users & teams,” and clicking on “Marketing only” under the “Roles & permissions” table. You can then add your three designated marketing team members. 

Will these seats affect my plan’s role limits? 

The three free marketing seats will not affect the role limits on your Nutshell plan. You can learn more about role-based permissions here

What restrictions will these marketing seats have?

Team members who are added to a plan’s three free marketing seats will have restricted access to the following sections in Nutshell:

  • Dashboard, Reports, Scheduler, and Email functionalities 
  • Company, Person, and Lead pages
  • Settings

Bring your marketing team into Nutshell

Ready to make your marketing team more efficient by giving them access to your CRM? Get started with a free 14-day trial of Nutshell today! 

See Nutshell in action

Give our powerful, easy-to-use CRM a try for free for 14 days! Or join a live demo to see Nutshell at work!



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