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National Small Business Week

Today wraps up National Small Business Week, a week dedicated to celebrating small businesses and the huge impact they have on our economy and the innovation they drive. With that we wanted to highlight some of our awesome Nutshell customers and the great things they’re doing and creating in their communities.

32 North Brewing Co.

32 North Brewing Co. is a brewing company that loves adventure, traveling into uncharted territory, and creating stories along the way. You can find them in San Diego and neighboring areas, or better yet order some growlers from their website and set off on your next adventure, wherever that may be.

Bentley Seed Company

They’re a company who is focused on growing good things, both in your garden and in your community and we think they do a fantastic job. For every packet bought, they donate a packet to a community garden or charity; their Give and Grow Program will donate over 600,000 packets in the next year! They’re ramping up their efforts and will release nationwide next year, so keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, head over to their website and order some packets for any occasion.


When you hear Yonder, think awesome outdoor community. Yonder is a community dedicated to getting people active and outdoors, doing whatever it is you enjoy. They have an awesome app to help you do that—you can search for destinations, see what others have been up to and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts—as well as a great team behind the app. Now go get outside!

Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar is a family run business who makes (you guessed it) perfect tasting and good-for-you bars. They use the best of the best ingredients, so they’re choc-full of all the goodness you’d need in a day. They have a great story behind how they got started, and they always keep the quote below in mind when moving forward.

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction. To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Check out their site to find where their bars are sold. I’d recommend the peanut butter (it’s my favorite!).

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day works with newly resettled refugees to provide on-the-job training and help develop the skills needed for these newcomers to find full-time employment. How does this training happen? Through its business/social enterprise, the Providence Granola Project, where refugees make locally sourced, artisanal granola. Beautiful Day has already had an awesome impact for the refugees they’ve worked with so far, and they aren’t slowing down. Head over to their site for more details about their mission and impact, and to buy some delicious granola. By doing so you help a refugee get the training to enter the job market!

Canyon Wind Wine Cellars

This is the company for all of the wine-lovers out there. Canyon Wind Cellars is the only second generation estate winery (meaning they grow all of the grapes that they use in their wines themselves) in Colorado. It’s owned by the Christianson family, which includes Jay, Jennifer and Finley, the Chief Canine Officer. They now produce three distinct wine labels from their own vineyards in Colorado, so pay them a visit when you’re next in the area and try their great selection!

Rural Partners in Medicine

Rural Partners in Medicine are passionate about bringing higher level surgical care to remote areas of the US and beyond. Not only do they bring this higher level care to these rural areas, but that care creates the opportunity for growth and prosperity in these communities. They’re doing some awesome work; check out their site to get involved!

These are just a few of the businesses in the Nutshell community who are doing awesome things.

I’d really love to hear about what your business is up to and what you’re doing in your communities, so please comment below or feel free to connect on Twitter or send me an email.

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