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Episode #3: Building Company Culture and Branded Tents With Matt Bulloch

someone's gotta make it with Matt Bulloch CEO of tentcraft

Pivot or perish. That was the choice that TentCraft CEO and President Matt Bulloch was faced with when the COVID-19 pandemic put a sudden end to the public events that his promotional tent business relied on.

Instead of trying to survive on the scraps, Matt spotted an opportunity to completely reinvent how his company operated. On this episode of Someone’s Gotta Make It, Matt discusses the process of going all-in on a new direction, and the “trial by movement” mentality that helped TentCraft stay afloat while so many others were sinking around him.

Matt also shares his advice for building a company culture of continuous improvement, and how to juggle work and family life as a business owner.

Plus: What Matt learned about himself from his experiences on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley.


Read the episode transcript here.

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