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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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CRM for

Account-based sales

Does your sales model rely on highly-personalized outreach to multiple stakeholders? Here’s how Nutshell helps ABS teams manage all the moving pieces.

Spend less time researching

Automatically enrich the detail you have on every contact with Nutshell Intelligence, which scours the internet to fill in job titles, social media profiles, location information, and more.

Multiply your efforts

Nutshell makes it simple for teammates to collaborate on deals. Your whole team can work on the same deal at once, and all updates are saved and reflected in real-time. Get a teammate’s attention in a snap by tagging them with our @-mention feature.

Associate leads and contacts automatically

In Nutshell, leads are associated with your contacts at each targeted account, and vice versa, allowing your team to keep track of all the stakeholders at each company you’re pursuing, and helping sales reps and marketers coordinate their activities throughout the sales process.

Gain a deeper understanding of your sales

Tired of crunching numbers on spreadsheets? Nutshell’s detailed sales and analytics reports do the work for you, helping you identify your most valuable customers, monitor your lead volume, and forecast your revenue.

Powerful CRM for every budget.

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