Nutshell Launches All-New Reports to Give Sales Teams Exceptional Insight Into Their Numbers

We’ve just made it even easier to chart your sales team’s performance!

Nutshell has updated our reports and charts to provide at-a-glance insight, so your team can more easily measure performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Here are the key benefits and advantages that our new Reports provide to sales teams:

  • Instant access to the information you need most often, including sales, lost deals, and forecast reports
  • An intuitive interface that eliminates the need for an administrator to set up or run reports
  • Daily “Snapshots” of key business health metrics so you can track trends in pipeline growth, win rate, and sales-cycle length over time
  • The ability to save and share reports with your team
  • Presentation-ready charts that can be downloaded with the click of a button for quick and convenient use in any presentation

A huge thank you to all our customers whose feedback helped make these reports as powerful, valuable, and user-friendly as possible. We hope you love them!


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