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The Best Engineering CRM Platform for Your Company

Your engineering firm needs to keep all its client data, partner communications, and project specifications in one place to win more bids, strengthen relationships with clients, and move projects forward. Nutshell’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform makes it easier to stay organized so you can find and close on more lucrative projects.


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How CRM software helps engineering firms

CRM software is a powerful tool that helps engineering teams streamline their sales process, convert leads into clients, and keep a record of their sales and marketing communications in one place.

To drive profit for your firm, you need to increase your team’s efficiency, strengthen relationships with leads, and deliver a quality experience for your clients throughout the project’s span. Over time, these improvements can help your firm close more deals and increase customer retention.

A CRM provides the solution to all of these problems and more. Here are a few of the ways CRM software helps engineering teams:

Features you need in a CRM for engineering firms

When your firm decides it’s time to reap the benefits of a CRM, knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Conduct plenty of research on which CRM might be best for your specific firm by comparing features, integration options, and price.

While every company’s CRM needs are different, there are a few features you should keep an eye out for when investing in a CRM for engineering firms.

Luckily, Nutshell has you covered. Thousands of businesses across industries, including engineering teams, use Nutshell’s CRM to maintain a steady flow of leads, give their sales and marketing teams a boost, and generate revenue. See how Nutshell’s key features can help your engineering firm grow:

Sales task automation to increase your team’s efficiency

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To be successful, your firm has to handle a lot more than planning and executing its projects. Your team is also managing bids and proposals, sales, marketing, and more. Relieving some of the pressure on your team makes a huge difference in their daily productivity.

A critical CRM feature for engineering firms is sales automation. With sales automation, you can automate tedious tasks like assigning leads to sales reps and sending email drip sequences to your prospects that you’d otherwise have to complete manually.

Nutshell’s sales automation features open up hours each week that your team can spend on more valuable tasks that grow your firm.

Here are some of the ways engineering firms can use Nutshell’s sales automation to maximize efficiency:

  • Set up email marketing in Nutshell to automatically send tailored marketing emails when prospects take specific actions.
  • Automatically sort imported customer data to segment customers based on their location, sector, or stage in the sales funnel.
  • Move leads through the pipeline as they meet defined goals.

Contact management to organize everything you know about your leads and clients

a screenshot of a lead called Newing Industries Inc. in Nutshell CRM

To strengthen relationships with clients and turn them into repeat customers, your sales team needs to show that you view them as people, not numbers. And it’s hard to do that when your contact information is stored in an unwieldy spreadsheet.

One of a CRM’s primary functions is contact management, organizing all your phone numbers, emails, and other pieces of customer data and making them accessible for your team. With contact management in your CRM, your firm can keep all your customer information in one place.

Nutshell is a central location where you can store all your contact information, from names and email addresses to purchase and communication history. Your team can also pin important notes front and center so sales reps get all the crucial details.

Nutshell also makes it easy to manage communications about your projects. You can schedule and log activities and tasks you need to accomplish and sync your email, calendar, and contacts to keep track of every appointment, meeting, and follow-up call.

Sales analytics and reporting to give your firm insight into how to improve your sales strategies

a graph showing the number of new leads per month

Executives at engineering firms have a big responsibility, making decisions that affect individual projects and the entire firm’s future. Having a CRM that delivers data-driven reports simplifies those decisions—and helps your team course-correct when things aren’t going according to plan.

As you look for a CRM for your engineering firm, look for one with plenty of reporting and analytics tools that make it easy for your team to see what’s working and what they need to improve.

Luckily, Nutshell’s robust reporting tools and easy-to-use dashboards make reporting on your firm’s sales and marketing performance a breeze. Drill down into your basic-level sales reports by sales rep, lead source, and more, or build custom reports around any metric you choose. You can easily compare different types of projects by segmenting technical and consulting-based engineering services or compare different types of clients.

Then, use that information to improve your strategies going forward.

Pipeline management that helps you manage all your deals

a computer screen shows the top accounts to watch

Another essential CRM feature for engineering firms is the ability to track client and project data from bid to completion. However complex your sales process and however many points of contact you have with each lead, pipeline management features are crucial for seeing into your pipeline and streamlining your sales process.

Nutshell provides several pipeline management features to help your engineering team manage leads, including:

  • Automatically moving leads through your pipeline when they meet your established goals, such as attending a pitch meeting or signing a contract.
  • Displaying your leads four different ways (the board, list, map, and chart pipeline views) so your sales reps can use the option that best suits them.
  • Separating leads into pipelines based on what type of project they’re interested in

With Nutshell’s pipeline insights, you can keep leads from falling through the cracks and ensure your team is working to keep the pipeline healthy.

Marketing tools to get your firm more attention from potential clients

a screenshot of Ann New's digital marketing specialist Profile

Gone are the days when your best approach to marketing your engineering firm was to place an ad in the newspaper. Now, the internet offers a wealth of opportunities for generating leads. And using a CRM that also offers built-in marketing tools lets you power up your sales while keeping all your data synced.

Through Nutshell, your firm gains several marketing tools, including:

  • Nutshell Campaigns, our native email marketing solution that allows you to design beautiful email campaigns and send them to custom audiences you create using your CRM data
  • Lead attribution reports to help you drill down into which marketing channels are the most lucrative for your firm
  • Powerful integrations with software like email marketing tools, social media platforms, and web form builders to help you make the most of all your marketing channels
  • Plus, other add-ons that enable you to identify visitors to your website, build landing pages, keep track of your competitors, and more

We also offer access to advanced marketing technology as well as implementation and consulting services through our partnership with WebFX, a digital marketing agency that helps thousands of successful businesses generate leads and revenue through digital marketing.

With WebFX’s revenue marketing platform, MarketingCloudFX, your firm can personalize marketing content, optimize campaigns, and automate marketing processes to boost your leads and revenue.

Explore marketing services

Nutshell is the best value for the money. The versatility and functionality make it a very easy and powerful product to use.

Mark M. Southwestern Scale Co.

I have used Act, Goldmine and Salesforce in the past, and I have found that Nutshell was the easiest to get started with and to set up custom fields. I would recommend Nutshell to others that are interested in an easy to learn and navigate CRM.

Craig C. Thermal-Tec

We left Hubspot for Nutshell because Hubspot was too complex. Nutshell makes software for humans.

Daniel H. EOS

When we were evaluating CRMs, the one deciding factor between Nutshell and Salesforce came down to spin up time and price. Nutshell wins on both counts (by a huge margin). Salesforce was 10 times as much per month for what we wanted.

Jason C. Arrow Container Corp

Without a doubt, Nutshell has been instrumental in organizing our contact lists and has eliminated the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets for our contacts. Nutshell has not only streamlined our contact management process but has also saved us a significant amount of time, allowing us to focus on engaging with our partners and stakeholders. The email tool, in particular, has been especially helpful in improving our communication and engagement with our contacts.

Ana S

Great way to track management with clients. Love that I can BCC and the email from my google account goes right into the right account in Nutshell. Also love that I can set tasks to remind myself to follow up

Holly C

Supercharge your CRM with software integrations

As with your engineering projects, you need more than one software tool to get the job done. Integrating your CRM with the other software in your tech stack keeps all your data synced so your team can make better decisions.

Here are the top types of integrations from Nutshell that give engineering firms a boost:

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Why use Nutshell for engineering sales?

So why should you use Nutshell’s CRM over another platform or an engineering-specific CRM?

At Nutshell, we understand that the last thing your engineering team needs is another complicated software. That’s why we designed our CRM to have all the powerful features your firm needs in an easy-to-use platform that your team can learn in no time.

Here’s a breakdown of what sets Nutshell apart:

Customer Review

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Our customers have a lot to say about Nutshell. Read stories from our customers to see how Nutshell helps companies just like yours achieve and exceed their goals!

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Explore our plans

All plans include unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited data storage, and technical support from real human beings.

Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
a logo for Nutshell Foundation with an orange acorn

Simple, flexible CRM that helps teams organize their contacts, leads, and conversations.

$16 per user per month

Included in all plans…

  • Unlimited Data, People, Company & Leads
  • Contact management and communication timelines
  • Email and calendar sync
  • Customizable single sales pipeline
  • Sales and lead reporting
  • Drag-and-drop pipeline board and interactive lead map
  • Embeddable web forms
  • Activity reminders
  • Free onboarding white glove imports
  • Free live support
  • And more
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a Nutshell Pro logo with an orange acorn on a blue background

CRM, sales automation, and advanced reporting to help your team maximize every opportunity.

$42 per user per month

Everything in Foundation, plus…

  • Sales automation
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Personal email sequences
  • Sales quotas and activity quotas
  • Full reporting suite, including Activity, Funnel, and Forecast reports
  • Click tracking notifications
  • Up to 5 Teams
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording
  • Connected form set up
  • And more
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Nutshell Power AI logo

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, effectiveness and revenue in your CRM.

$52 per user per month

Everything in Pro, plus…

  • 50 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • Zoom transcription summarization
  • Click tracking notifications (also in Pro)
  • Connected form set up (also in Pro)
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording (also in Pro)
  • And more
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a blue and orange logo for Nutshell Enterprise

No limits. No caps. No breaking the bank. Our tier that gives your team the most firepower without costing a fortune.

$67 per user per month

Everything in Power AI, plus…

  • Unlimited pipelines and custom fields
  • 100 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • API support, Audit log, Changelog and read-only SQL access
  • Enterprise SSO, User/Group provisioning & other SCIM provisioning: Microsoft Azure & ADFS, Google Workspace SAML, Okta, Auth0, OneLogin, & PingFederate
  • Multiple currencies
  • Free scheduled phone support
  • Dedicated success strategist (5 user minimum)
  • And more
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When you choose Nutshell as your engineering CRM, you have the option to partner with 500+ digital marketing experts to help drive leads to your sales team. Learn More

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