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customer relationship management (CRM) tool is key for helping your engineering firm onboard clients and track projects. Keep reading to learn more about why Nutshell is the ideal CRM for engineers, or start your free trial.


Our CRM for engineers can help you earn more revenue

One of the first rules of sales is this: Know your audience. After all, your sales and marketing efforts are all designed to target a very particular audience, and for your campaigns to be even slightly effective, you need to have a clear understanding of who that audience is.

That’s why you can benefit from using a CRM. Engineering company CRMs like Nutshell are excellent for tracking client data and helping you optimize your sales process and marketing campaigns.

To learn more about how a CRM for engineering companies can benefit you, read on.

Why do you need a CRM?

An engineering CRM is useful for many reasons. The main reason is that it lets you track client and project data from bid to completion.

With a central data hub, you can easily scale your sales processes to quickly and efficiently finalize more contracts.

In addition, you can use the first-party data you collect to build custom sales and marketing messages that resonate with both public and private sector clients with a host of engineering project needs.

An added benefit of using an engineering company CRM is that it can help you automate various day-to-day sales tasks, freeing you to work on other things. We’ll come back to that point in a moment.

How does our engineering company CRM help you?

Now that we’ve established the benefits of using a CRM for engineering companies, let’s talk about what makes Nutshell the ideal choice for your business.

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1. Nutshell automates day-to-day tasks

One of the first ways Nutshell can help your engineering company is by automating tedious tasks that you’d otherwise have to handle manually.

Without this automation, you could end up spending hours each day just trying to take care of those simple tasks, preventing you from investing your time and effort in more important areas of your business.

One example of a task Nutshell can automate for you is email marketing. You can set up Nutshell to automatically send out marketing emails in response to specific actions taken by users. That means you don’t have to spend time and effort typing those emails over and over again yourself.

Furthermore, Nutshell can automatically sort the customer data you import, segmenting customers into different categories based on things like their location and stage in the sales funnel.

It can also divide them by what type of project your engineering firm is helping them design—for instance, maybe your firm designs bridges, but also buildings. You can separate based on those two different things.

You can even segment by what sector the client is in. And since we’ve already established that engineers often work with both private companies and government agencies, that automated segmentation is super useful.

2. Nutshell is simple and intuitive to use

Another advantage of Nutshell is how incredibly user-friendly it is. Our engineering CRM is built to make it easy for you to find your way around and perform whatever tasks you want to perform.

One way we do that is by dividing sales prospects into three separate tabs: People, Leads, and Companies. That means you can quickly and easily jump between different parts of your sales funnel to gain insights about each one.

You can also find information in Nutshell with our predictive search feature. Simply by putting in a name or a piece of contact information, you can find specific customers or leads in seconds. If they’re a client, you can also see what kind of engineering project you’re helping them design.

3. Nutshell offers in-depth analytics reports

The entire point of using a CRM is to gain insights into your audience. That means that when you gather data about your customers, that data is meant to be analyzed. If you never bother to examine it, your CRM isn’t even really helping you.

Nutshell knows that, which is why we put a heavy emphasis on analytics in our CRM for engineers. We have an entire “Reports” tab dedicated specifically to letting you view sales reports based on the data you import.

Not only can you see basic-level sales reports, but you can also create custom reports built around just about any metric of your choosing. That means you can view trends over time or compare different types of clients with ease. For example, if you offer both technical and consulting-based engineering services, you can segment those services in your reports.

You can then take that information and use it to improve your campaigns going forward.

4. Nutshell prioritizes customer service

Finally, Nutshell is such a good CRM for engineering companies because we make you, the client, our top priority.

Our customer support team goes above and beyond what many other CRMs offer. Even though we know our CRM is top-of-the-line, we also know that you could still have questions or concerns at times, and we’re always here to help you address them.

Anytime you run into something you need help with, just get in touch with us. We won’t leave you on hold for hours or throw out unhelpful platitudes about how “your time is important to us.” Instead, we’ll demonstrate that it truly is important to us by responding quickly and helpfully.

We know the importance of real, human interaction when solving problems, which is why we don’t rely on chatbots or text manuals. With Nutshell, you aren’t just getting a CRM—you’re also getting access to all the help you need from our team.

Our customers close over $7 Billion in sales each year with Nutshell!

Choose Nutshell as your engineering CRM to help you earn more clients

Excited to choose Nutshell as your engineering company CRM? We don’t blame you. But we also understand that you might be apprehensive about signing up right away without having the chance to see our CRM for yourself.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. We offer a free 14-day trial so you can find out for yourself exactly what Nutshell is capable of. If you try it out and it’s not for you, no worries—you don’t owe us anything for it. But if you decide to stick with us, you’ll be able to feel confident in that decision.

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