Add leads, people, and companies to Nutshell from FormIt forms.

Now you can easily integrate your MODX FormIt forms with Nutshell, via the MODX to Nutshell CRM extra. Using the Nutshell API, this integration provides a custom hook you can add to your FormIt forms, allowing you to generate leads, people, and companies directly to your Nutshell account.


Save time and spend less of your day manually importing leads and contacts.

What it does

  • Checks for existing people and companies, based on form fields
  • Automatically adds a new Nutshell contact (person), using the email address and name from your FormIt form
  • Adds a new company and attaches it to the contact
  • Creates a lead with a lead note based on your form fields


To use the MODX to Nutshell CRM hook, you have to supply a username and API key. This can be configured with system settings or FormIt parameters.

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