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Announcing Nutshell Forms: Turn Website Visitors Into Instant Sales Leads. Really, It’s That Simple

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How much of your workday is spent manually transferring form submissions to your CRM database? If it’s any time at all, that’s still too much.

Webforms are the connection point between marketing and sales. Marketing efforts drive potential buyers to your website, and sales efforts turn them into customers. But to make the whole thing run, you have to give your visitors a way to get in touch with you.

Unfortunately, the handoff between web form software and CRM software is rarely flawless. You either have to figure out how to wire up your forms tool to your CRM (using a Zap, for example), or spend valuable time manually plugging new form submissions into your customer database. In both cases, you’re burning money (and time) every month on yet another software subscription.

Nutshell’s latest product release was designed to solve all those problems and more. We call it Nutshell Forms, and it allows our customers to design, embed, and measure simple web forms directly from their CRM, without any technical knowledge or IT assistance.

If you’ve been looking for an easier way to collect leads and buyer information from your company’s website, read on…

Introducing Nutshell Forms

Nutshell’s new native web form tool!

Nutshell Forms provides sales and marketing teams with a number of important advantages. For example:

Our forms don’t require an integration nor much effort. Nutshell Forms eliminates having to fuss with tricky multi-step Zaps or needing an IT specialist.

You’re in full control over what information you collect and what happens to it. Whether these are new leads that you intend to assign to your sales team or contacts you want to begin marketing to, Nutshell Forms offers automated, next-step capabilities such as adding a tag or dropping contacts into a marketing audience.

We’ve taken care of the technical side. Form field matching is automatic and easy. Information submitted into your form will auto-populate on Nutshell contact and lead pages. We’ll automatically prevent duplicate contacts and leads from cluttering your database. And, we’ll keep track of it all for you: from the form submissions to webpage traffic conversion rates.

You’ll save money. Stand-alone web form software can be very expensive. Nutshell Forms are included with every Nutshell subscription at no additional charge.

Nutshell Admins can find Forms under the Data section of your Nutshell settings menu. Don’t see Data on your settings menu? You may not be a Nutshell Admin. Contact our support team for assistance and further information. 

The ins-and-outs of Nutshell Forms

A form for every need

Web form template options in Nutshell.

Nutshell Forms comes equipped with four form templates out of the box: 

  • Contact us: a simple form aimed at gathering contact information from website visitors.
  • Content download: an ideal form for collecting contact information and redirecting visitors to your downloadable content.
  • Sales request: allow interested parties to come to you—the perfect form for inquiries, whether they be sales quotes or appointment requests.
  • Join a mailing list: instantly add new sign-ups to a Nutshell Campaigns audience, so they can start receiving your outreach straight away.

…as well as the option to create forms from scratch.

We’re giving you complete creative control. Customize your form’s color scheme and font to compliment your webpage and brand.

Customize your web form to compliment your brand, we did!

Within the Nutshell form builder, you’re able to add and edit blocks of content and input fields needed for your form. The form fields are Person and Company specific, and will align with the Person and Company fields on Nutshell contact pages.

Input fields available for forms include:

  • Person name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Note

For example, if your form contains a Person name input field, that name will automatically be generated for your newly created Person page. 

Submission answers instantly populate to your contact and lead pages.

Text, long text, and decision custom fields can also be utilized as input fields within your form.

You’ll be able to determine if any additional actions occur after a form is submitted, such as:

  • Showing a “success” message
  • Supplying a redirect link (Use this nifty tool to allow subscribers to download content!)

And specifying next steps for your newly created contact, which can include adding a tag, adding subscribers to a marketing audience, or creating a new lead in the pipeline of your choosing. 

For detailed step-by-step instructions for creating and using Nutshell Forms, check out this article in our Help Center.

And here’s where it stays simple…

Once your form is complete (don’t worry, we’ll allow you to preview it!), we’ll provide you with a copy-and-paste embed code for your website.

Each form also includes a shareable URL that directs your customers to a hosted page where the form lives.

Keep track of more than just webpage signups

Curious about trends in your website traffic? Want to test out which pages convert more visitors into subscribers? Engagement metrics will be tracked and charted for each of your forms. If you’re a Nutshell Campaigns subscriber, your form’s engagement page will look similar to your outreach engagement page.

Nutshell automatically tracks three metrics for form performance:

  • Page visits: the total number of page visits to every webpage where the form is embedded
  • Form submissions: the total number of submissions for the form
  • Conversion rate: the percentage of page visits that result in form submissions

From form submissions to outreach lists: The ultimate handoff between your sales and marketing teams

When your form submissions start pouring in, we’ll collect them into lists.

Similar to other lists in Nutshell, contacts within your submission lists can be filtered, edited, and exported as desired. Take advantage of your submission lists, and use them to reach out to targeted segments of potential buyers.

Nurture new subscribers with email marketing. Set up “next steps” within your form builder to automatically add submitted contacts to a marketing audience, so your new contacts can start receiving announcements about new products and services right away.

Supply your sales teams with inbound sales requests. Take your submissions lists and assign your new subscribers to your sales team, and give them a head start on those fresh leads.

Ready to put your daily lead creation on auto-pilot?

If you’re not yet a Nutshell customer, please start a 14-day free trial of Nutshell and explore all of the incredible advantages of using Nutshell for your sales and marketing efforts. Otherwise, head to your Forms page and start building your first Nutshell Form today!


Not a Nutshell customer? Try us free for 14 days!


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