Customizable lead form builder that drives leads and sales

Nutshell is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform equipped with a customizable, user-friendly lead form builder that makes capturing lead information from your website as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

If you’re looking for the best form builder, your search ends with Nutshell.

A lead form builder that drives leads and sales

To drive more sales and revenue for your company, you must generate more high-value leads. And to generate more high-value leads, you need effective lead generation forms. Enter Nutshell. 

Nutshell is an all-in-one growth CRM platform designed to help you drive more sales and revenue so you can grow your business. Our software comes with various features that help generate leads and convert them into paying, loyal customers or clients. 

One such feature is our hassle-free lead form builder. With Nutshell’s lead generation form builder, you can easily capture your website visitors’ information and automatically create new contacts and leads. 

If you’re searching for one of the best lead form builders that helps you easily turn your website visitors into high-quality leads, Nutshell is the choice for you. 

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Turn your website visitors into qualified leads

Do you want the inside scoop on how Nutshell’s quote and contact form builder can help you drive sales and revenue? Check out what you can do with our lead generation form builder below:

Add lead generation forms to your website in just two clicks

Don’t have an experienced web developer or designer in-house? Don’t have the money to partner with an experienced web design agency? No problem. 

We’ll provide you with an embeddable code that you’ll copy and paste into your website. As soon as you do that, voila, your shiny new lead form is now live on your site. 

Each form also includes its own shareable URL that you can link to on your other web pages, blog posts, articles, social media posts, and more. This URL will direct your prospect to a page where your form lives on your website. From there, they can simply fill it in and click submit.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? That’s because it is!

Capture the information you need to effectively nurture high-value leads

When it comes to capturing audience information with lead generation forms, it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. What if you need prospects to explain a query, answer multiple choice questions, or upload pictures or files? 

You need a customizable contact form builder that allows you to collect the information you need to gather deep insights into your leads. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Nutshell. 

With Nutshell, you can go a step further than just collecting basic contact details like names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can create the form of your dreams. 

Whether you need a form that lets your audience submit product or service questions to your sales team or a quote form that lets your leads describe their project and needs, Nutshell can help you do it all. 

Automatically track and manage each lead in real time

Nutshell won’t just let your new qualified leads slip through the cracks in your sales funnel after they’ve filled out your form. Our software helps you automatically track and manage each lead you generate in real time. 

You can view each lead’s contact details and form submission answers all in one dashboard. Nutshell also allows you to automatically assign leads to your sales reps, making it easy for your team to reach out and start nurturing them toward conversion instantly. 

You’ll also be able to track your leads’ entire journey from initial awareness to conversion, giving you valuable insights into the strategies and channels that work best in driving conversions. 

Plus, your team can view every interaction, phone call, and email conversation leads have with your business, keeping your entire team on the same page when it comes to closing a deal. 

Track the performance of each lead generation form you launch on your site

Wondering which lead generation forms drive the best results? Wonder no more with Nutshell. 

Nutshell helps you easily monitor and track the success of every lead generation form on your website with easy-to-understand, in-depth reports

You can track: 

  • How many visits your page gets
  • How many form submissions you receive
  • The conversion rate of page visits to form submissions
  • And more

With these insights, you can easily gauge which forms drive the best results for your business. Do you think your form asks too many questions causing prospects not to complete it? Shorten your form and track its results with Nutshell to learn how best to optimize your forms for maximum leads and sales. 

Segment form submissions and create outreach lists

Wouldn’t it be great to automatically create contact and email lists for leads with common interests? Well, with Nutshell, you can. 

Nutshell helps you group the leads from your form submissions based on their common interests and pain points. You can then use those outreach lists to send more personalized emails and messages to your leads that resonate with their unique needs. 

And Nutshell can help you with your email marketing too. 

Our platform allows you to automatically send emails when prospects fill out your contact forms and create personalized sales drip sequences

Nutshell helps your sales team save tons of valuable time so they can focus more of their efforts on closing deals. 

Get started with the best lead form builder today

Ready to start generating more high-quality leads, sales, and revenue with the best form builder around? Nutshell is here to help.

With Nutshell, capturing your audience's information couldn’t be easier. You can add lead generation forms to your website in just two clicks. 

Plus, our CRM has even more features that help you track every lead as they move through your sales funnel. Nutshell makes tracking and nurturing your leads with the right messages at the right time a piece of cake. 

And the best part? Our friendly team is here to help you maximize your results every step of the way.

See why Nutshell is one of the most trusted lead form builders by signing up for your free 14-day trial today!

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