Why you need a sales forecasting CRM

Nutshell is the all-in-one growth software tool that helps B2B teams close more deals.

A sales forecasting CRM helps sales teams accurately predict future sales growth based on their pipeline of potential deals.

By using a CRM with sales forecast reports, sales teams can fine-tune their selling strategy. Sales reps can see how they’re tracking against their quotas at any given moment, while sales managers can make more informed business decisions on how to manage their resources.

Accurate forecasting is a core requirement for any successful sales strategy.

Nutshell offers a user-friendly and affordable sales forecasting CRM for small business, with powerful reporting features that rival those found in the most expensive enterprise CRMs:

  • Generate sales forecast reports on demand to see projected sales and get valuable insights on your team’s sales to date, current deals in the pipeline, and quota.
  • Adjust pipeline estimates based on lead confidence for maximum accuracy.
  • Identify top lead sources and allocate resources toward your most profitable sales activities.
  • Use Nutshell’s wide range of reporting tools to analyze your sales performance compared to previous periods, track and improve team productivity, discover the causes of lost deals, view sales funnel conversion rates, and more.

Nutshell’s CRM forecast reports are also simpler to use than those in competing CRM platforms, which means your team will actually use them:

Take a tour of Nutshell and learn how our sales forecasting reports and other easy-to-use analytics tools help sales teams win more deals.

Nutshell’s powerful growth software platform includes an award-winning small business CRM with advanced sales forecasting features.

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