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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

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Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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A comprehensive CRM comparison

Nutshell vs. LeadSquared

Choosing the right CRM to boost the productivity of your sales and other customer-facing teams is important. Explore why Nutshell is the better choice over LeadSquared CRM. Nutshell stands out for:

  • A powerful yet easy-to-use CRM platform with a user-friendly interface, built to be implemented as quickly as possible
  • Sales pipeline creation with next-action-based tasks to keep things clear for sales reps at all times
  • A range of premium features at an affordable price
  • World-class customer support
  • Tight email integration to seamlessly connect your communications in your pipeline and marketing

What is LeadSquared?

LeadSquared is a sales CRM software designed to enhance productivity and boost lead generation and closing rates across customer-facing teams, including inside sales, call center, operations, and marketing.

While its main strength lies in its all-in-one platform and robust lead management features, its software is not without its faults.

What is Nutshell?

Nutshell is an award-winning CRM platform that helps B2B sales and marketing teams work together to close more deals. Powerful enough to support any element of your business and simple enough to implement without a paid admin or IT department, Nutshell is favored among small to medium-sized companies who know better than to overpay for software they’ll never use. Furthermore, Nutshell’s features often outshine the competitors in terms of both usability and comprehensiveness, according to customer reviews.

Nutshell is dedicated to helping businesses grow their revenue and solving the most critical challenge of sales and marketing software: motivating teams to use it. We’re passionate about our customers’ success, and we love finding new ways to take the frustrations out of selling.

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Nutshell vs. LeadSquared comparison

LeadSquared offers a one-stop platform for sales and marketing teams to generate leads and close sales. Positive reviewers praise its lead management features.

Unfortunately, other LeadSquared users face issues such as software bugs that cause slow loading times, downtimes, as well as inexplicable call dropping. Let’s look at the pros and cons of LeadSquared CRM in more detail.

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LeadSquared pros

LeadSquared proves to be an adequate CRM platform for medium-sized businesses and companies, helping team members to track and capture leads closely.

Many satisfied LeadSquared users praise the platform’s lead management capabilities, including scoring, offline lead capture, and advanced but limited search filters.

LeadSquared cons

More than a few reviews from users, even among those who gave glowing reviews, mention bugs and operational issues that the platform faces.

One user reports that the platform occasionally stops functioning for up to one hour, hindering sales progress and employee productivity. Additionally, customer calls—one of the crucial elements in sales—periodically drop without warning, according to other users.
The interface is also not intuitive to many teams. Many reviewers report a steep learning curve that eats at their time. The long time to implementation means time lost to the sales process and, ultimately, revenue.

Nutshell: A great LeadSquared alternative

At Nutshell, we understand the struggle of adapting to new business software, particularly a sales CRM. A system that’s supposed to make things easier on your sales team can often complicate their lives even more.

The best CRM is the one you use. And you’ll definitely use Nutshell, with features such as:

    • An easy-to-use, intuitive interface: We created software that’s feature-rich but simple to learn and use. From onboarding through daily activity, the platform is easy to navigate and customize to your liking. You can also integrate Nutshell with your existing platforms, like Outlook and Mailchimp, if you’d prefer.
    • Transparent, flexible pricing: We offer monthly and annual discounted pricing to meet your software needs on a budget. Try our pricing plan calculator to explore all the features and plans you can get with Nutshell.
    • Onboarding live customer support: You can talk to live staff when you contact us through email or live chat.
    • Advanced custom reporting: Understand everything you need to know to improve team and individual performance.
    • Advanced mobile app capabilities: Lead tracking, contact management, and a handy business card scanner to input new leads into your database on the spot.

Constructing a Better Nutshell Experience

We listen to and anticipate the needs of our customers to provide a user-friendly and affordable CRM filled with valuable features.

We regularly add new features and update our software to provide superior service including:

  • AppConnect to connect your CRM data with the apps you already use
  • Scheduler to simplify meeting planning and appointments
  • PeopleIQ to automatically tracks visitors to your website and their company data
  • And many more

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Nutshell vs. Close CRM, head-to-head

Comparisons based on similarly priced packages (Nutshell Pro and LeadSquared CRM Pro)

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    $42 per month billed annually,
    $49 per month billed monthly

    $50 per user per month, annual (no monthly payment option available)




  • CUSTOMIZABLE SALES PIPELINES Customize your sales pipeline to include the stages, activities, goals, reminders, and automations your team needs to accomplish more.


    None (included in Super plan, $100/month)




  • EMAIL SYNC Send and reply to work emails directly from your CRM, plus send templated Nutshell emails from your email composer.



  • EMAIL HEALTH SCORE Determine how healthy your email inbox is before sending emails to ensure the highest possible deliverability and engagement.



  • AI WRITING ASSISTANT FOR EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Nutshell’s AI writing assistant will help you generate email campaign copy that wows and inspires.



  • ADVANCED REPORTS Run advanced reports like forecast, losses, activity, funnel, and custom reports in Nutshell.




    Yes; Included in the mobile app



    Yes; migration assistance is offered when you switch to Nutshell Campaigns


  • AUTOMATED PIPELINE DISTRIBUTION Nutshell will automatically distribute your leads through the right pipeline based on criteria that you set, like industry, market, source, and more.



  • FREE IPHONE/ANDROID APPS Included mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to access the power of Nutshell anywhere.



Available Add-ons


  • Campaigns – Email Marketing in your CRM
  • PeopleIQ – Identify Organizations & People on your website
  • Revenue Booster – Online scheduling software & more
  • CompetitorIQ – Online Competitor Tracking Software
  • AppConnect – Tech & Application integration assistance
  • Landing Pages — Create and host branded landing pages on your website
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Easy to Use. Easy to Sell. That’s Nutshell.

Try our LeadSquared alternative

With the same (and more) features at affordable pricing options, Nutshell is the perfect CRM alternative to LeadSquared for businesses that want to streamline their sales process. Sign up to start your 14-day free trial today.

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Awesome service. The White Glove Important service convinced me to roll this out to my entire company.

Steve K. Speedwagon Properties

A perfect system that meets all our requirements; Flexible and easy to customize.


Nutshell—somehow—made me *want* to use a CRM again. Might be a first.

Lisa L. Generations Now LLC

Nutshell gives us insights into our business through their reporting, and the CRM is easy fr our sales and onboarding teams to use. I highly recommend them for a growing Saas.

Brian S. Testimonial Tree

Your customer service is hands-down the best I’ve seen in a long time. It is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Ryan M. Reichel Insulation

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