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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

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Nutshell is both simple and powerful

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A comprehensive CRM comparison

Nutshell vs. Salesforce

Choosing the right CRM is crucial for your business. Nutshell seamlessly blends power with simplicity, making it a great alternative to Salesforce. Nutshell stands out for:

  • Spend 95% less without compromising on functionality
  • Powerful and user-friendly CRM, sales, and marketing automation platform
  • Providing free world-class customer support
  • Seamless integration with dozens of popular business software applications
  • Industry-leading pipeline automation tools with advanced functionality
nutshell vs salesforce crm comparison

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM that offers multiple suites with plenty of applications and plugins on its app market. Salesforce began in 1999, when technology was hard to manage, expensive and difficult to pitch. Salesforce was novel in that it was among the first few companies to provide software as a service (SaaS).

The problem with Salesforce is that it’s so very expensive. Sure, they’ve got an enormous web of applications, and some ridiculously complicated features. If you’re not familiar with their platform, it can be hard to learn, and can even take as long as a year to start getting your money’s worth.

What is Nutshell?

Nutshell is an award-winning CRM platform that helps B2B sales and marketing teams work together to close more deals. Powerful enough to support any element of your business and simple enough to implement without a paid admin or IT department, Nutshell is favored among small to medium-sized companies who know better than to overpay for software they’ll never use. Furthermore, Nutshell’s features often outshine the competitors in terms of both usability and comprehensiveness, according to customer reviews.

Nutshell is dedicated to helping businesses grow their revenue and solving the most critical challenge of sales and marketing software: motivating teams to use it. We’re passionate about our customers’ success, and we love finding new ways to take the frustrations out of selling.

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Nutshell vs. Salesforce comparison

As one of the leaders in customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce is likely on your radar even if you haven’t used it. But is it really worth all its hype? Salesforce alternative Nutshell offers a more modern, user-focused interface, superior customization options, and improved implementation measures.

Take a look at how we compare and decide for yourself whether the cons of Salesforce outweigh the pros—especially when you have improved software available right here.

See how Salesforce pulls a bait and switch with their pricing model. Check out the real price of Salesforce.

What you’ll spend in the first year for an Enterprise CRM with Marketing

Annual license cost for a 10-person team Pricing gathered from and

Email Sequences & Campaigns

Implementation costs Source:

Full-time admin salary Source:

Live phone and chat support Source:

Fully functional mobile app Source:

Data storage

One-click dialing and call recording

Year 1 Total Let’s assume the average of the optional fees and one level of overage for 6 months of the year.

Year 2 and Beyond Totals This assumes you don’t grow as a company and add more records…

a blue and orange logo for HubSpot on a white background




($890/mo for 3 Marketing Seats for up to 50,000 contacts – Includes 10,000 contacts – $2,000/month more for for up to  50,000 contacts) +$3,000 mandatory onboarding



(“one price fits all”)


(available, but not required)




for going over 1 million total records

$50/month for 1,000 minutes

(3,000 minute limit)



a blue cloud with the word Salesforce on it - the Salesforce logo




(for up to 50,000 contacts – Starts at $1,250/mo for 10,000 contacts – $100 for every additional 10,000 contacts) – Want SMS? That’s $4,200/mo


$75,000 – $200,000

(depends on number of users, levels of customizations and more)


(if you’re lucky)


(30% of software license)


($25/user/month of software license)


for every 500MB after the first 10GB ($125/month)


($30/month/user and  an additional $15/month for every 1,000 minutes logged)




Salesforce Pros

As far as CRM software goes, Salesforce offers one of the more comprehensive platforms. Its detailed interface offers multiple dashboards to track information such as:

  • Calendars
  • Emails and conversations
  • Notes
  • Reports
  • Data collection

It also integrates well with some other platforms and provides you with templates for processes like email marketing to enhance your productivity.

customer's text response sharing what they like about Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Cons

To track all that information, though, you first have to enter it. When you do that in Salesforce, it becomes time-consuming and tedious since there’s no easy way to merge your existing data with it. Over time, this can cause you to miss out on important information, skewing your results dramatically.

What Salesforce Customers Hate

As is the pitfall of many extensive CRM platforms, Salesforce’s comprehensive information access leads it to be one of the more complex programs to understand. It also requires a lot of hands-on administration, meaning you may take some hits to your team’s productivity levels and efficiency. When you need a platform that works as fast as you do, consider looking at Salesforce alternatives instead.

customer's review sharing what they dislike about Salesforce sales cloud

Nutshell: A Great Salesforce Alternative

From the first moment you work with Nutshell, you’ll see why people make the switch. Our interface is much more modern, enhancing user-friendliness so you can get right down to business.

  • Ease of Use: Users find Nutshell easy to set up, navigate, and work with, making it accessible to both sales professionals and non-sales individuals.
  • Affordability: Users have praised the value they get for the price they pay, making it a favorable option for businesses looking to optimize their budget.
  • Specific Features: Users love Nutshell’s tagging system, automated email sequences, filtering options, and email integrations.
  • Automated personal email sequences: Triggered by pipeline stage for personalized communication.
  • Intuitive automation: Your CRM platform should work for you. We make sure you can automate as many processes as possible so you can focus on expansion.
  • Advanced third-party integrations: Connect with your existing Outlook, Unbounce, QuickBooks, and similar accounts.
  • Committed customer support: We provide support through onboarding and beyond, helping you transfer all your information with ease and implement changes quickly.
  • Free automatic data import: Transfer your Salesforce data automatically into Nutshell in just a few clicks, no setup required.
a group of Nutshell employees are posing for a picture on a yellow background

Constructing a Better Nutshell Experience

We listen to and anticipate the needs of our customers to provide a user-friendly and affordable CRM filled with valuable features.

We regularly add new features and update our software to provide superior service including:

  • AppConnect to connect your CRM data with the apps you already use
  • Scheduler to simplify meeting planning and appointments
  • PeopleIQ to automatically tracks visitors to your website and their company data
  • And many more

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When we were evaluating CRMs, the one deciding factor between Nutshell and Salesforce came down to spin up time and price. Nutshell wins on both counts (by a huge margin). Salesforce was 10 times as much per month for what we wanted.

Jason C. Arrow Container Corp

Available Add-ons


  • Sales Cloud Einstein – Generative AI
  • Sales Programs – Selling guidance
  • Revenue Intelligence – Native analytics
  • Revenue Lifecycle Management – For indirect sales teams
  • Partner Relationship Management – Project management tool
  • Slack Sales Elevate – Added features when integrated with Slack
a screenshot of the Salesforce add-ons web page that says, "Extend the power of sales cloud with these related apps and add-ons."


a page that shows add-on options for Nutshell CRM

Easy to Export your Data from Salesforce and Import into Nutshell

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Try our Salesforce alternative

In the world of Salesforce comparisons, Nutshell strives to reign supreme through our powerful and intuitive CRM. Our goal is to help you streamline your processes so you can get more done and take your sales to the next level. Try us out for free and let us prove to you that we’re the platform you’ve been searching for.

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A perfect system that meets all our requirements; Flexible and easy to customize.


We see Nutshell as a “team member” in growing our company.

Dirk E. Global CIF, LLC

I have used Act, Goldmine and Salesforce in the past, and I have found that Nutshell was the easiest to get started with and to set up custom fields. I would recommend Nutshell to others that are interested in an easy to learn and navigate CRM.

Craig C. Thermal-Tec

We have built an amazing sales process in Nutshell that has led to us having around a 30% close rate for all our leads.

Mathew W. SafetySync

When you get into super complex integrations or scale your organization huge, look at Salesforce. For basically everyone else, Nutshell is phenomenal.

Max R.

Powerful CRM for every budget

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