Nutshell vs.

Nutshell is a simple, powerful, and affordable CRM and sales automation platform that integrates with dozens of popular business software applications and offers the most  advanced pipeline automation tools on the market. 

Salesforce provides CRM software for enterprise organizations with IT departments capable of implementing and supporting it.

Nutshell’s three main advantages over Salesforce are:

  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of use
  • Affordability

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When we were evaluating CRMs, the one deciding factor between Nutshell and Salesforce came down to spin up time and price. Nutshell wins on both counts (by a huge margin). Salesforce was 10 times as much per month for what we wanted.

Jason C. Arrow Container Corp

Nutshell vs. Salesforce, head-to-head

Comparisons based on similarly priced packages (Nutshell Pro and Salesforce Lightning Professional)


When you get into super complex integrations or scale your organization huge, look at Salesforce. For basically everyone else, Nutshell is phenomenal.

Max R.


We came over [to Nutshell] from Salesforce after six years of use, and our sales team couldn’t be happier. I had my sales team ditching Salesforce after one week. That includes moving our data over, which was thousands of accounts, thousands of contacts and tens of thousands of history notes.

Matthew W. SafetySync


I have used Act, Goldmine and Salesforce in the past, and I have found that Nutshell was the easiest to get started with and to set up custom fields. I would recommend Nutshell to others that are interested in an easy to learn and navigate CRM.

Craig C. Thermal-Tec


We see Nutshell as a “team member” in growing our company.

Dirk E. Global CIF, LLC


A perfect system that meets all our requirements; Flexible and easy to customize.

Eitan K. Vimmi

#madprops: Real quotes from real Nutshell customers

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