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16 Sales Process Templates for B2B Pipelines

Which sales process stages are right for you?

A successful sales process depends on having the right stages for the way you sell. Whether you’re building your first pipeline from scratch or want to overhaul an existing process, these sales process templates will give you a great head-start.

Download this 28-page PDF to see our recommended stages for a variety of common B2B sales models, including…

  • Outbound sales
  • Inbound sales
  • Enterprise sales
  • Account-based sales
  • Team-focused sales
  • Relationship-based sales
  • Customer success

…and lots more. Download our sales process template collection today!


Frequently asked questions

What is a sales process?

Your sales process is the steps your sales team takes to convert leads into loyal customers. The exact stages and tasks included vary from business to business, but a B2B sales process typically includes stages such as prospecting, qualifying, pitching, objection handling, closing, and follow-up. 

Why create a structured sales process?

Formalizing and documenting your sales process is essential for organizing and optimizing your sales team’s efforts. Creating a structured B2B sales process offers benefits such as:

  • Improved focus: Without a structured sales process, it’s more difficult for your team to determine what to focus on, leading to disorganization and making it difficult to keep track of what’s happening with your sales efforts. A structured process keeps your team organized and on the same page.
  • Increased efficiency: With a well-defined process, your sales team can spend less time deciding what to work on and more time getting results. You can also more easily decide which leads to focus on and which strategies are working best.
  • Streamlined results tracking: When your deals all follow a similar process, it’s much easier to track your effectiveness at each stage. This enables you to gradually optimize your process and improve your results.
  • Simplified onboarding: A documented sales process makes it easier for new sales reps to onboard and start driving results more quickly.

How does the B2B sales process differ from B2C?

The B2B sales process is often longer than the B2C sales process, includes more stakeholders, and involves larger deals. These factors make it even more important to establish a structured B2B sales process.

What should you include in your B2B sales process?

The B2B sales process often includes stages such as prospecting, qualifying, prospect research, pitching, objection handling, closing, and follow-up. However, you should always evaluate your needs and goals and customize your process to them. A B2B sales process template can help you to identify the stages and tasks to include in your unique sales process.

How should you build your sales process?

To build your unique sales process, follow these steps:

  • Document your current sales process: Even if you haven’t yet documented your process, your sales team has a process they follow. Talk with your sales team and note the steps they’re currently using. Define the stages and the tasks included in each stage. Our B2B sales process template can help you to identify the stages and tasks in your current process.
  • Evaluate your current process: Next, assess your current process and determine which stages and tasks are working well and which are not.
  • Refine your process: Adjust your process as needed. You can use our B2B sales process templates for inspiration on new stages or tasks to include in your process.
  • Continually track your results and optimize: Implement your new sales process and track your results over time. If you find areas that need improvement, make an adjustment. Defining your sales process is a continual process, and your sales process will evolve over time.

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