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How to Manage a Sales Pipeline for a Roofing Company

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Every business needs to keep track of their sales pipeline, which is a representation of how leads move toward becoming customers. But you might be wondering how to manage a sales pipeline for a roofing company.

Navigating a roofing sales pipeline can seem complex, but it doesn’t need to be. In this blog post, we’ll cover six tactics for improving your pipeline management, including:

  1. Define your roofing sales pipeline stages
  2. Use lead scoring to prioritize your leads
  3. Make sure to follow up with your leads
  4. Aim to shorten your sales cycle
  5. Manage your roofing company sales in a CRM
  6. Analyze roofing pipeline metrics to improve your process

Keep reading to learn how to manage a sales pipeline for a roofing company.

1. Define your roofing sales pipeline stages

One of the first factors to know about sales pipelines is that they have various stages. These stages represent how far through the pipeline each lead is.

Different businesses break down the pipeline in different ways, but an example set of stages would be:

  • Prospecting: Using top-of-funnel marketing to promote yourself online and attract interest.
  • Lead qualification: Turning people into leads by offering lead magnets on your site (e.g., email subscription, DIY roofing guides, etc.)
  • Assessment and quote: Examining the site and providing a quote for your services.
  • Deal close: Finalizing a deal with the customer and then providing the roofing service.
  • Follow-up and retention: Providing any post-purchase customer service as needed and encouraging the customer to call you for any future roofing services they need.

By defining each stage of your pipeline, you’ll have a much easier time gauging how to approach each lead and customer.

2. Use lead scoring to prioritize your leads

If you’re not familiar with lead scoring, it’s a process where you assign numerical values to all your leads based on how likely they are to convert. This step allows you to figure out how to prioritize them.

You want to focus on the highest-scoring leads, since they’re the ones you have the best chance of converting. The last thing you want is to waste time on leads that don’t convert, and then find out that while you were doing that, the high-scoring leads all got tired of waiting and chose a different roofing company.

In fact, you may sometimes find yourself dealing with “dead leads” — people that used to be leads but have since stopped showing interest in your company. When that happens, it’s best to drop those leads and focus on ones that are still interacting with you.

3. Make sure to follow up with your leads

When someone becomes a lead, they might not take the next step and become a customer on their own. Whether they subscribe to your emails or call with some questions, you’ll want to follow up with them soon after.

You can do this manually by calling them a few days later. You can also use automated emails that will go out a set amount of time after someone becomes a lead or when they take a particular action. The extra nudge can sometimes be enough to turn a lead into a customer.

4. Aim to shorten your sales cycle

When it comes to your sales cycle length, the best sales cycle is a short one. That’s because the longer it takes someone to progress through your pipeline, the greater the chance that they’ll end up choosing a competitor over you. Plus, a longer sales cycle means your revenue trickles in more slowly.

There are several ways you can speed up your sales cycle. Some of those methods include:

  • Honing your audience targeting
  • Addressing your leads’ pain points
  • Looking for (and removing) any roadblocks in your pipeline
  • Automating day-to-day sales tasks

Maintaining a short sales cycle can be especially important for roofing companies. Some leads might just want small repairs, but for others, it might be more urgent — like if a storm knocked in a portion of their roof. Those leads won’t be willing to wait around, so you’ll want to convert them quickly.

5. Manage your roofing company sales in a CRM

It’s going to be difficult to manage your roofing company sales pipeline if you don’t have the right tools. That’s why you need a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. CRMs allow you to gather, store, categorize, and analyze data about your leads and customers.

Because of that, CRMs can help you easily track the progress of your leads through the sales pipeline. When someone moves from one stage of the pipeline to the next, you can easily update your CRM to reflect that. That means you can easily look at which leads are in which stages of the pipeline.

Plus, CRMs allow you to interact with leads and customers right through the platform, such as sending out emails to them.

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6. Analyze roofing pipeline metrics to improve your process

Finally, you can’t manage your sales pipeline very well if you don’t track key metrics along the way. Those metrics could include things like:

Monitoring these metrics can help you stay in the loop about the health and effectiveness of your pipeline. You can then reoptimize your pipeline based on what you learn from your metrics since they will likely shift over time. You should make these changes regularly, even if they’re usually only small tweaks.

By constantly improving your pipeline in response to your sales data, you’ll make it more successful at generating new leads and customers for your roofing company.

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