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The Best Roofing CRM That Boosts Revenue

As a roofer, you can benefit immensely from using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform—and Nutshell is the perfect roofing business CRM for you. Keep reading to learn more, or start your free trial!


Why Nutshell makes a good CRM for roofing companies

See both the bird’s eye view and worm’s eye view of your roofing company’s operations by using intuitive and flexible customer relationship management (CRM) software like Nutshell.

A crucial business tool for roofing businesses, a roofing CRM can help your teams collaborate, stay productive, and manage everything from leads to contracts. With Nutshell, you can ease the workflow of your team members by automating tasks and designing processes that work for everyone on your team.

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Improve your team’s efficiency with a CRM for roofing companies

One of the challenges that roofing companies face is improving efficiency. With Nutshell’s contact management features, your team has a central repository of customer knowledge.

Log all communications with your customers from your desktop or phone to Nutshell, so everyone on your roofing team is on the same page. This reduces the back-and-forth communications internally and with your customers because all important details and updates are saved and shared with your team which makes it one of the best roofing CRM software you can find.

Reduce manual data entry

Save time by minimizing manual data entry with Nutshell. Sync phone contacts and automatically collect leads from your website. Nutshell’s business card scanner feature also makes it easy for you to save leads: Just take a photo of a business card, and the contact details will be synced to your CRM.

Improve your team’s workflow

In addition, you can make your teams more productive with Nutshell. Review your current processes and tweak them to improve your team’s workflow. You can even set guidance and reminders at each sales stage, such as following up on the contract after a certain period or checking the status of materials ordered.

Nutshell’s sales automation moves leads from one stage of the pipeline to the next once they’ve achieved the goals you set. It also updates their lead confidence, a metric expressed from 0% to 100%, which shows how likely the lead is to close. Your sales reps don’t need to spend a minute to decide which leads to prioritize: The higher the lead confidence, the higher they should prioritize a particular lead.

Let Nutshell do the follow-up for you

Another handy sales automation tool is Nutshell’s personal email sequencing. It allows your sales representatives to create and customize one-on-one email cadences. So instead of being reminded to send a follow-up email with your roofing prospects, Nutshell does the personalized follow-up for you, speeding up your outreach efforts.

How Could A CRM Help Your Business?

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Measure your results

You can instantly view your sales performance and compare it with previous periods, so you can measure the success of your current efforts and processes. This helps you and your team discover what’s working and what needs improvement to close deals among your roofing leads.

Nutshell also lets you download charts, making your performance data easier to digest. Use these charts for your presentations or reports. With just a click of a button, you can save charts from Nutshell and use them in your next presentation deck.

Scale your roofing company with Nutshell

Manage and scale your business with Nutshell, and see why it can be the best CRM for roofing companies:

Organize all your data

To successfully grow your business, Nutshell lets you customize the data you need to store and track the critical data you need to successfully manage and scale your business.

Custom fields let you add important info about each lead and customer. For roofing companies, these can be the contracts with each customer and the materials suppliers associated with each customer.

Streamline your business processes

Reports and Analytics can help you track the progress of each roofing project. Being on top of your projects lets you manage your team’s time and your company’s resources as roofing contractors.

As a result, you complete projects on time, keep your customers happy and let you start on new projects. With Nutshell, you turn your team into a well-oiled machine that completes projects efficiently.

Improve internal collaboration and communication

Roofing companies need their teams to collaborate on multiple projects. With Nutshell, you can store your team’s communication within your roofing CRM, so no update falls through the cracks.

Need your colleague’s input on a particular roofing project? Tag them on Nutshell. Mobile alerts notify your team members that they’re needed on a particular project.

Our customers close over $7 Billion in sales each year with Nutshell!

Nutshell is a CRM software for roofing companies

Staying on top of all your projects while nurturing leads and growing your business can be challenging for roofing companies. With a user-friendly and affordable CRM like Nutshell, you can manage your projects, all while trying to manage and scale your roofing company.

Nutshell not only gives you a bird’s-eye-view of your business’s performance, but it also shows you the tiny details, so you don’t miss important updates to serve your customers.

Try Nutshell for free for 14 days to see if it’s the roofing CRM you’ve been looking for!

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