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Introducing Nutshell Forms Spam Prevention

If you use forms on your website, you may get a few spammy submissions that distract your sales team and clog your pipelines. Protecting your forms from spammers is important for boosting team productivity and maintaining clean customer data. 

Introducing new Nutshell forms spam prevention features! Now Nutshell will filter out spammers for you, so you can keep fake form submissions out of your CRM. 

How does Nutshell forms spam prevention work?

With new spam prevention features, your team can opt-in to add hCaptcha to all your new Nutshell forms. The captcha will present form submitters with a puzzle designed to be easy for humans to solve but difficult for bots. 

Your human form submitters can easily submit forms, while Nutshell keeps bots out!

And if any spam submissions get into Nutshell, we’ll prevent any new leads or contacts from being automatically created in Nutshell, so your team doesn’t have to spend time sorting through fake leads. 

What spam prevention options are there?

You can choose from three spam prevention settings with each form you create in Nutshell: 

  • Mostly invisible: The hCaptcha will only display to users Nutshell suspects are spammers or malicious. 
  • Always on: You can also configure your form to always show the hCaptcha for all form submitters.
  • No protection: No captcha will be shown.

Our recommended and default option is “Mostly invisible.” This allows you to catch potentially malicious form submissions while easily allowing good ones through. The choice is up to you!

You can also customize spam prevention settings for different forms to get exactly the level of protection you need.

What are the benefits of form spam prevention?

Preventing spammy form submissions benefits your team by: 

  • Saving you the time it takes to deal with fake leads and bogus submissions
  • Keeping your CRM data clean 
  • Protecting you from potential security threats

FAQs about Nutshell forms spam prevention 

Do I have to manually update every form’s spam prevention settings? 

Nutshell will automatically set spam prevention settings to “Mostly invisible” for every new form you create. You can choose whether to leave that setting enabled or pick another level of spam protection. 

Where does the captcha appear? 

The captcha Nutshell adds will always appear at the bottom of your form, right before the submission button.

What if a suspected spammer is actually a legitimate form submitter?

Even with Nutshell’s form spam prevention settings, you’re still in control of the data you bring into Nutshell. All suspected spam will still be saved so you can review it and mark it as not spam.

Where can I learn more?

Want to keep reading about Nutshell forms? Check out our Nutshell forms support article.

Start protecting your Nutshell forms from spammers!

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