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Nutshell Maps: A Better Way to Find Your Customers

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Whether you’re planning an on-site demo or hunting for new opportunities in a certain region, Nutshell Maps makes it easy to locate your prospects and customers.

Available in all Nutshell Sales subscriptions and in our iPhone app, Nutshell Maps has become one of the most popular features of our CRM. Here’s how it works.

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The advantages of CRM maps

Sales reps are constantly on the go, and the ability to pull up an interactive map in your CRM and find which leads, companies, and contacts are nearby is invaluable.

Similarly, if I’m going on a business trip, why shouldn’t I be able to pull up Nutshell, enter my destination, and have it show me all the people I can reach out to during my trip?

We developed Nutshell Maps with this in mind, giving you the ability to schedule an activity or get directions from Google Maps with one click.

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Address or location-based search

Nutshell Maps can be found on the Companies, People, and Leads list pages; look for the tab in your view options at the upper right that says Map.

Panning around the map is my favorite way to use Nutshell Maps, but sometimes jumping to a state, city, or address is more effective. Using the built-in search feature is a quick way to orient yourself around a target location.

“Having a map filter in Nutshell is a killer feature for us,” says Michael Nowakowski Jr., owner of Alternative Handling Technologies. “When we’re traveling to a certain geographical location to discover new customers, we try to check on existing customers to see if they need any accessories or related services.”

“With Nutshell Maps we can zoom in on the location, export the data from the list, and then my sales team will have their marching orders for the day or for the week.”


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Using Nutshell’s filters with Nutshell Maps

When building Nutshell Maps, we wanted our customers to be able to filter the map just like they would a regular list.

It’s great to know that you have 11 leads within 15 miles of your hotel when you’re visiting the Outer Banks, but chances are you won’t have enough time to visit all of them. Toggling between the map and list views allows you to sort your data with the default columns or custom fields of your choice, then prioritize which data points on the map are the most important.

Or let’s say I just want to see the people who I met last year at a trade show. If I’ve associated a tag with that trade show, I can apply the tag and quickly see where they are.


Find and capture more location-specific opportunities

Beyond it’s value as a lead filter, Nutshell Maps can help you better capitalize on your existing customer relationships. As our own customers have discovered, being able to filter your buyers by location opens up some great opportunities for regional marketing.

“If I have a customer in Mississippi who needs three pallets of apples shipped to them, I’m not going to send just three pallets of apples on a truck that can hold 20 pallets, because I’m paying the same rate for the truck either way,” explains Marcus Hartmann, VP of Operations & Sales at Pacificpro, Inc. “I’ll use Nutshell Maps to see all of my customers in Mississippi, then target them with an email that says, ‘I’ve got room for up to 17 pallets on a truck.’ As the new orders come in, we’ll get to the full 20 pallets that we need.

“Or, let’s say I have a truck going into Chicago that I want to fill. I’ll use Nutshell Maps to see if there’s anyone near Chicago on my leads side who I haven’t contacted in a while. This way, I can bring value to smaller wholesalers, since I have a truck ready to go and they don’t have to order a full truckload.”

Try it now!

To take Nutshell Maps for a test-drive, sign up for a free 14-day trial of Nutshell today! We’d love to know how Nutshell Maps is bringing value to your company, so if you have any feedback, please leave a comment on this post or tweet us @nutshell.


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