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Identifying the Key Data Points to Collect

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One of the most important steps in collecting customer data is identifying the data you want to collect in the first place. Every business is different, so you want to identify the data points most relevant to your business and your sales goals. 

Customer data can come in the form of four different types: 

Keep reading for a deeper dive into these customer data types.

Demographic data

When trying to understand your customer base, collecting demographic data is crucial. Demographic data refers to personal information gathered from customers, clients, and leads.

This information includes data like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Other contact information

Occupational demographic data about a client or customer can also include information regarding a client’s business, including industry, company, and market size. Especially for business-to-business (B2B) companies, occupational demographic data is invaluable. 

Like personal information, it gives businesses a better understanding of the people they’re trying to reach.

You can store this customer information your CRM. Nutshell can even pull in additional information about contacts you add to your CRM such as their job title, location, and more.

Demographic data such as the information above helps businesses better understand their audience, allowing for a more detailed and robust marketing strategy that better appeals to audiences. This data also helps businesses develop their products and services to sufficiently meet customers’ needs.

Purchase and buying behavior

Another key data point to collect is information related to customers’ purchase and buying behaviors. In other words, it’s data about how and when customers purchase from your company.

Customer purchase and buying behavior data includes information like:

  • Recent purchases
  • Purchase history
  • Trends in purchase behavior
  • Customer loyalty program data (if available)

Collecting and understanding this behavioral information helps you to identify customer shopping preferences and use that information to develop more effective marketing campaigns. Better yet, you can develop and offer more products or services that appeal to your audience.

Communication preferences

Another helpful customer data point to collect is anything related to communication preferences or contact information. Whether via email, phone call, SMS, carrier pigeon, or owl (hey, you never know), you always want to know the types of communication your customers are willing to receive from your business.

Knowing the best way to reach out to your customers (and how they want to be reached) is essential to building a positive relationship with your customers. By consistently contacting customers through communication channels they expect you to reach out through, you’re showing them that you’re listening to their needs and wants.

Not to mention, your communication efforts will be for nothing if you reach out to customers through channels they don’t even check. Not everyone uses their email consistently or pays attention to promotional texts. Collecting data related to communication preferences ensures you’re reaching your customers in the best way possible.

Engagement with digital channels

Similar to purchasing data, behavioral information related to how customers interact with different digital channels is a great way to understand your customers’ online behavior and how they interact with your brand.

Customer engagement data points to collect include:

  • Social media interactions like follows, likes, reshares/reposts, comments, and post interactions
  • Website interactions like page views, click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, and visit duration
  • Interactions with paid advertising campaigns

You can collect this information through tools such as Google Analytics. Nutshell can also automatically pull in data about the channels your leads come from through our lead attribution features.

Understanding how and where customers and leads interact with your brand allows you to improve your marketing campaigns by tailoring them to the channels that are visited most by your target audience. 

Additionally, knowing the sources your customers utilize will allow you to better collect feedback from customers that you can utilize for future customer service interactions.

Why collect customer data?

We’ve touched on it a bit already, but let’s dive deeper into the benefits of identifying and collecting customer data.

Stronger marketing strategies

Collecting key customer data points helps you to develop an effective marketing strategy that targets your customers and appeals to them in a way that encourages them to act. 

With customer data on hand, you can create well-informed marketing campaigns that can bring your business better results, including better engagement rates, increased web traffic, and improved return on investment (ROI)!

Improved customer service

With a better understanding of your customer base, you can provide quality customer service to your clients every time. Whether it’s in-person or via digital interactions, you can use your customer data to better serve customers by communicating through their preferred channels or personalizing their experience with your brand.

Better product and service development

Customer data allows you to be proactive with your customer service too. With the knowledge of what your customers like and dislike, you can develop new products or services that appeal to your customer base’s interests. This way, you can bring in and retain even more customers.

Zero in on customer data points to collect with the help of Nutshell

Nutshell’s all-in-one CRM is the perfect solution for customer data collection. Our intuitive CRM makes data collection easy with customer profiles for easy access to the data you need, lead attribution tools that automatically gather customer insights, reporting features for easy data analysis, and more.

Learn more about how Nutshell can help you collect customer data by trying our CRM out for yourself today. Start a free trial today and attend a live demo to see what all the hype is about.

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