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Nutshell Announces Emails on Lead Timelines

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We’re excited to announce that the Nutshell team has just launched the first of many product updates coming this spring—emails on lead timelines! This feature is now live in the Nutshell app and available to all customers, so you can better track emails to leads within Nutshell. 

Read on to learn more about how emails on lead timelines works and how you can use it to organize your timelines and improve productivity. 

What is emails on lead timelines? 

Emails on lead timelines makes it easier than ever to associate the right emails with specific leads and ensure your lead timelines are always relevant. With emails on lead timelines, you can assign leads a unique BCC email address and link emails to the right lead or multiple leads, keeping your communication coordinated.  

Why is emails on lead timelines helpful?

Emails on lead timelines keeps emails better organized by allowing your team to route project-specific emails to the correct lead timelines. This is especially helpful when your sales team is working multiple leads with the same person and needs to separate its conversations with that person or when you have numerous points of contact on the same lead. You can also assign emails to a related lead so you always keep track of relevant information within your timelines and filter out the emails you don’t need. 

How does emails on lead timelines work?

Emails on lead timelines uses several features to help your team stay organized. Here’s a look at the three ways you can use emails on lead timelines.

Assign a unique BCC email address for every lead 

The first way you can use emails on lead timelines is by giving each lead a unique BCC email address. This ensures that the email will automatically populate in the right lead timeline and gives you control over which emails display in the timeline. 

To associate a lead to a BCC email address, go to the lead’s page and click on the three dot menu. Select “Copy BCC address” and paste that address into the BCC field in your email composer. The email will then populate in the correct lead timeline. 

If you’re unfamiliar with our BCC email feature, this helpful article explains everything you need to know. 

Select a related lead to associate with an email from your timeline 

Another way to use emails on lead timelines is with the Related Leads feature. This feature lets you assign specific leads to an email so you can keep your communications in the right places. 

To assign a specific email to a lead, navigate to the email within the lead timeline and click the related leads icon in the toolbar. A popover with a list of the associated leads will appear. Check the boxes next to the lead (or leads) the email belongs to, or deselect leads you do not wish to associate with the email. 

The email will now display in the correct timeline!

Choose related leads from inside Nutshell’s email composer 

Finally, you can also associate emails with leads from within the Nutshell email composer. When you send an email from Nutshell, you’ll see a list of related leads linked to the email address (or addresses) of your recipient. Nutshell will fill the Related Leads field with the lead it thinks is associated with the email address, but rest assured—you can decide whether you want to add or remove any related leads before sending the email. 

Want to associate leads with emails that are already on your timeline? You can also use emails on lead timelines to retroactively associate emails you’ve already received with the right lead timelines.

Ready to get started with emails on lead timelines?

We hope emails on lead timelines will be a valuable tool as your team organizes its communication with specific leads. As always, feel free to reach out to our helpful support team if you have any questions. And happy Nutshelling!   

Want to know more about what’s ahead? Check out our 2023 Spring Product Roadmap to see what new features and capabilities we’ll be rolling out soon. 

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