Does most of your revenue come from repeat sales to the same clients? Nutshell helps you stay close to the accounts that matter.

relationship based sales crm

In relationship-based sales (aka “relational sales”), sellers focus on customer retention and satisfaction, developing each buyer into a long-term source of revenue. Since it’s more cost-effective to retain existing clients than it is to continuously find new ones after each sale, relationship-based sellers generally spend more effort on customer nurturing than customer acquisition.

Relational buyers are primarily looking for a trusted advisor, and will commit once they have the confidence that they’re making the right choice. For companies that follow a relationship-based model, personal attention and expertise make the difference—buyers aren’t simply looking for the cheapest, fastest option.

Here are four benefits of Nutshell that make our CRM ideal for a relational sales organization.


Never forget a follow-up:
If a valued customer stops hearing from you, they might take their business elsewhere. With Nutshell’s one-click “Keep in touch” feature, you can set a recurring reminder to check in with a contact on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis. Or, set up a custom reminder to reach out on specific dates.

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Make repeat business simple:
For companies that have recurring opportunities with customers, having to constantly re-create leads can be aggravating. Nutshell’s lead cloning feature saves you valuable time by instantly creating a detailed copy of any previous lead.


Find every communication:
No more hunting through email inboxes and handwritten notes to remember something you discussed with a client or teammate six months ago. Nutshell’s timelines keep a chronological record of all internal and external communications, ensuring that important messages don’t get lost.


Make every business trip count:
Traveling for a sales presentation or networking event? Nutshell Maps shows you all of your nearby clients, so you can do some upselling in person—or just drop by for coffee. Learn more about why Nutshell Maps is an essential tool in the relational seller’s arsenal.

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