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The Best Landscaping CRM That Boosts Revenue

As a landscaper business owner, you can benefit immensely from using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform—and Nutshell is the perfect Landscaping Business CRM for you. Keep reading to learn more, or start your free trial!


Why Nutshell makes a good CRM for landscaping companies

Grow your landscaping business with a customer relationship management software (CRM) that helps your team deliver projects on time and nurture relationships with your customers.

It’s important for landscaping companies to work efficiently and gain new customers. With an easy-to-use and customizable CRM for landscapers like Nutshell, you can easily track each project’s progress. In addition, you can nurture your leads and keep them interested in your landscaping business.

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Streamline your processes

The biggest hurdle that landscaping companies in North America are facing today is the shortage of landscaping labor. Faced with this challenge, landscaping companies must make sure that their processes are efficient.

With Nutshell, your team can stay on top of your projects and manage your resources while making sure new prospects are being attended to.

Improve your business’s workflow

Manage your team’s time and your company’s resources with a CRM for landscaping businesses like Nutshell. Our Reports and Analytics features can track the progress of your projects so you can complete them on time. As a result, your customers are happy and you can take on new landscaping projects.

In addition, Nutshell’s reports allow you to see your sales performance and how it performs versus previous periods. These insights help you identify tactics that work and don’t work, so you can implement changes to improve your processes.

Manage your customers’ and prospects’ data in one hub

Nutshell’s contact management features give your team a central repository of customer knowledge.

You can log all your communications with your customers from your desktop or phone to Nutshell. All important details and updates about your landscaping customers are also saved and accessible by your team.

Need to know the status of a prospect who previously sent an inquiry? Look it up on Nutshell, and check out the details, so you can pick up the discussion where your prospect left off.

How Could A CRM Help Your Business?

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Find opportunities to cross-sell and upsell

By having all your customers’ details in one landscaping CRM, you can create opportunities to cross-sell or upsell. Send personalized emails to your customers through drip campaigns.

Want to know the other landscaping services that your contacts are interested in? Send a survey through a drip campaign. Once you get additional insights, you can engage them with useful content that can aid with a cross-sell or upsell.

Design an efficient sales process with Nutshell

A flexible growth platform, Nutshell can help you grow your landscaping business by letting you streamline your sales process and acquire new leads. With sales automation features, you can review your sales process, make improvements, and automate certain tasks.

Want to make sure your new inquiries are attended to immediately? Automate assigning leads and inquiries to your sales reps. Nutshell can also move leads from one stage of the pipeline to the next once they’ve met the goals you set.

With Nutshell, you can mark hot leads, so your sales reps can prioritize these leads who are about to close a deal with your landscaping business. You can also set up guidance and reminders for your sales team in every stage of the pipeline, so you’re setting them up for success.

Improve internal collaboration

Landscaping companies need their different teams to collaborate on projects. With a CRM for landscapers like Nutshell, you can save your team’s communication within Nutshell, so everyone’s on the same page.

If you need a colleague’s input on a particular project, you can tag them on Nutshell. Mobile alerts notify your team members that their input is needed on a particular project.

Our customers close over $7 Billion in sales each year with Nutshell!

Nutshell is a landscaping CRM that can drive growth for your business

Making sure you’re on top of all your projects while also acquiring and nurturing new leads can be challenging for any landscaping business. With a user-friendly and customizable CRM like Nutshell, you can manage your ongoing projects without missing a new lead that you can nurture.

Our contact management features keep everyone on your team informed about important customer details. The sales automation features empower your team members to succeed and close deals.

Try Nutshell for free for 14 days to see if it’s the CRM for landscaping companies you’ve been looking for!

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