For small business sales teams, lead management needs to be an organized process so that sales reps avoid missing out on crucial deals.

Without a modern CRM, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of your obligations and miss out on an important follow-up action or meeting.

Nutshell is an efficient lead management CRM that is designed to make it easier for sales teams to keep track of leads, schedule follow-up actions, and quickly input contacts and sales activities.

The most flexible CRM on the market, Nutshell offers four valuable ways to manage leads through your pipeline:

  • A drag-and-drop Board view that gives you at-a-glance insight into the status of your leads
  • An interactive Map view that allows you to filter and visualize your leads by location
  • A Chart view to see the value of the leads in your pipeline
  • A List view for easily filterable stats on all your leads

Here are some of the top benefits of choosing Nutshell for your lead management CRM:

  • Store new contact information and leads from any device, and share it with your entire sales team in real-time.
  • Set priorities for your highest value leads.
  • Scan contacts from business cards and minimize manual data entry to make lead capturing much easier.
  • Get mobile notifications to remind you when deals require your attention.

Nutshell’s simple, intuitive lead management features helped us score a 94% satisfaction rate for Ease of Use according to G2 Crowd—compared to an 85% average satisfaction rate among competing CRMs—and we were also named one of the most Affordable and User-Friendly CRMs on the market by software review site Capterra.

Take a tour of Nutshell and learn how our user-friendly small business CRM helps sales teams close more deals faster!

Nutshell is a top-rated small business CRM, offering all the lead management features you need at a low price.

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