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Infographic: How Do the 37 Best CRMs Stack Up Against Each Other?

Nutshell honored on Capterra's top CRM software roundup

Capterra has released its latest Top CRM Software Roundup infographic, and look who’s up there at the top!



The new infographic includes all 37 CRMs that appear on Capterra’s Top 20 reports for affordability, user-friendliness, and popularity. Since Nutshell is one of the most user-friendly and affordable CRMs on the market, we’re featured in the top slice of the pie.

Previously: Nutshell named one of the most user-friendly and affordable CRMs by Capterra!

The “Capstone” CRMs in the center of the infographic ranked on the popularity report as well. (Make some room, fellas, we’ll be joining you soon.)With over 500 CRM solutions listed on Capterra, being one of the elite eight to be named “Most Affordable & User-Friendly” means the world to us. Thanks to Capterra for the honor, and please review Nutshell on Capterra to let other small business sales teams know what you think about our award-winning CRM.


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