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Nutshell Launches New Board View With Drag-And-Drop Pipeline Management

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Nutshell has added a simpler, more practical way for you to view and manage your deals.

Nutshell’s new Board view with drag-and-drop pipeline management provides you with the ability to move deals between stages, toggle between pipelines, and view your deals by both quantity and value, all in a highly visual manner. With Board view, you can:

  • Easily move leads from one stage to another
  • Mark leads as won, lost or cancelled
  • Quickly see what you need to do next
  • Keep tabs on the general health of your pipeline

If you are a sales manager, the new Board view also gives you at-a glance insight into the status of every deal in progress, as well as the data necessary to coach your reps more effectively.

No two sales reps are the same, and yet most CRMs force you to work in the same way.

As the most flexible CRM on the market, Nutshell develops tools that serve the needs of every member of a sales team, and allow you to manage your pipeline however you like. Don’t you love that?

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