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CRM Basics

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Does My Business Need CRM?

Download our free PDF guide to learn what CRM is and whether your business is ready for it.

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Sales Process Worksheet

Download our free PDF template to standardize the key sales activities for your company.

About Nutshell

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Intro to Nutshell Live Demo image with Nutshell account executives Jared and Nicole

Register for one of our live demos to see Nutshell in action and learn how we can help level up your team’s sales efforts.

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CRM Comparison Worksheet

Use this interactive checklist to compare Nutshell with your current contact management solution and any other CRMs you’re evaluating.

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Nutshell for Sales Reps showing hands high-fiving in the center of the photo

Read why Nutshell is beloved by sales reps.

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Photo of man smiling and text about building a customized sales pipeline

Learn how to create a custom, automated pipeline in Nutshell to kick your sales efforts into overdrive.

Sales Strategy

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The Complete Guide to Writing MUCH Better Sales Emails

Download this guide for our best tips on personalizing your sales emails, dodging the spam filter, following up with prospects, and more.

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16 Sales Process Templates for B2B Pipelines

Download these templates to see our recommended pipeline stages for inbound sales, outbound sales, team-selling, and much more.

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Sales Manager’s Survival Guide

What makes a great sales leader? Download this guide to get 70+ expert strategies for hiring, coaching, and motivating your team.

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How to Warm Up Your Cold Outreach (Sample Campaign)

Follow this step-by-step outbound campaign template to get on your contacts’ radars before you start dialing.

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The B2B Marketer’s Toolkit

From finding new lead channels to nailing your SEO game, this guide collects 120+ of the best marketing tips ever published on the Nutshell blog.

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The Sell to Win Playbook

Want to learn from the masters? Read these expert tips from some of the world's most highly regarded sales thought-leaders.

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101 Task Ideas for Any Sales Process

Tasks are recurring activities that guide your reps throughout a sale. Browse our list of task suggestions and pick the ones that best fit your team.