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Nutshell is super user-friendly and intuitive

I would highly recommend Nutshell

Easy to use and... wait for it ... 100% buy in!

Nutshell is both simple and powerful

Simple and powerful

Why Nutshell?

5 Reasons To Choose Nutshell

Here’s what we offer that other sales and marketing tools don’t.


Fast, free implementation

Nutshell is simple enough to set up without an IT department or implementation consultant, and you won’t need to pay a full-time admin to manage it. There are no additional costs for onboarding and training, and we provide free “white glove” data migration assistance so your team can get up-and-running in days, not weeks.


World-class live support

Our unbelievably helpful Support team provides technical assistance and strategic support via live chat or email from the moment you start your trial. And by the way, Nutshell’s live support is always free.


No contracts, no surprises

Pay month-to-month and leave at any time, or get a discounted price by paying for a year upfront. Either way, we won’t lock you down with multi-year contracts or hit you with unexpected overage charges. Every Nutshell subscription comes with unlimited CRM contacts and data storage so you’ll never be surprised with a big bill.


Tools that help you close the deal

While Nutshell offers all the CRM and email marketing capabilities that you’d expect from a leading growth software solution, your team won’t use it if it’s not making them money. That’s why we offer features like personal email sequencespipeline automations, and “hot lead” prioritization, which help your sellers get more of their leads to the finish line in less time.


Nutshell unites your sales and marketing teams

When sales and marketing teams use separate software tools, they become siloed in their efforts, chasing disconnected goals. Nutshell’s native email marketing tool seamlessly connects to your CRM data, giving your organization a single source of truth for customer communications and valuable insight on how marketing efforts are influencing sales outcomes.


What makes Nutshell different from other CRMs?


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