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Bring the Power of Nutshell to Your Inbox With the Nutshell for Outlook Add-In!

a mirosoft store icon added to a Nutshell icon with an arrow pointing to an Outlook icon

Great news for Office 365 Outlook users: The Nutshell for Outlook add-in is now available, giving you one more way to stay organized and productive wherever you are.

Extending the integration foundation we built with Microsoft to sync email and calendar activities, you can now use Nutshell’s most important contact management features without leaving your inbox.

Work where you work with Nutshell’s latest Outlook power-up.

The Nutshell for Outlook add-in delivers the power of Nutshell to your inbox so you can save time, stay organized, and manage your deals without having to switch between applications.

With Nutshell for Outlook you can…

  • Create contacts and tasks
  • View scheduled activities
  • Track communication timelines
  • Write notes

…and much more, directly from Outlook. In the near future, we’ll be adding lead creation, email tracking, and mobile compatibility to the add-in, so stay tuned!

Download the Nutshell for Outlook add-in for free at the Microsoft AppSource, or click on the shopping bag in your Outlook toolbar and search for “Nutshell.”

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