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10 Best Review Apps for 2024

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Customer reviews are a valuable asset to your business — the good and the bad. From improving your sales processes to using positive reviews for peer-driven marketing, customer reviews are your golden ticket.

The key to making the most of your customer feedback? Collecting and managing it, and the best way to do so is with customer and product review apps. Today we’re talking all things review software, from the best apps to use to FAQs. Keep reading to learn more:

Benefits of using customer review apps

During the buying process, one of the first places a customer turns to when stuck between two purchase options is the customer reviews. Customer reviews offer unfiltered, honest feedback about a product or company that can make or break a prospective purchase.

That said, customer reviews do more than just help people make buying decisions — they also help businesses boost credibility and encourage more sales.

Take a look below at some of the key benefits of using customer review apps for business:

  1. Increase credibility and transparency: When businesses show off reviews (positive or negative), they show consumers they’re transparent about past customer and client experiences. In turn, this can boost credibility and trustworthiness.
  2. Provide social proof: Another benefit of customer reviews is that they offer social proof, allowing prospective customers to read what their peers have to say about a product or service.
  3. Improve customer service: Customer reviews often include descriptions of people’s experiences with your company. These experiences offer valuable insights into how your brand can further improve its products, services, and overall customer service efforts. 
  4. Drive better search rankings: Online reviews play a prominent role in local search results and can even help your site rank higher when they include keywords or phrases.
  5. Offer free marketing: Arguably the best benefit of customer reviews is that they’re free marketing for your business. Positive customer reviews are a peer-driven marketing tool that can help you attract even more positive reviews and customers.

10 best review apps

Ready to start your search for the best review app for your business? Keep reading for a brief rundown of 10 of the top review software.

1. Loox

Price: Starting at $9.99/month (Free trial available)

Key Features:

  • Can be used directly in Shopify admin
  • Syncs reviews to Google Search & Shopping, Meta Shops, and more
  • Customized emails and review forms


Price: Starting at $15/month (Free plan available)

Key Features:

  • Works with Google Shopping Feed, Facebook, X (Twitter), rich snippets, and more
  • Unlimited review requests
  • Custom forms and cross-shop syndication

3. Yotpo

Price: Starting at $15/month (Free plan available)

Key Features: 

  • Photo and video review capabilities
  • Integrations with Shopify, Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Customizable email templates

4. Fera Product Reviews

Price: Starting at $9/month (Free plan available)

Key Features: 

  • Customizable product review widget styles
  • Automatic post-purchase review request emails
  • Sync reviews from Amazon, Google, Etsy, and more

5. Stamped Product Reviews

Price: Starting at $23/month (Free plan available)

Key Features:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) sentiment analysis
  • Photo and video reviews
  • Search Rich Snippets for SEO

6. Opinew

Price: Starting at $19/month (Free plan available)

Key Features: 

  • Customizable review widgets to match your brand’s unique theme and aesthetic
  • Integrates with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Rebuy, and more
  • Automated review collection

7. Rivyo

Price: Starting at $9/month (Free plan available)

Key Features: 

  • Highlight product reviews throughout your site
  • Automated and customizable review request emails
  • Import reviews from Amazon and AliExpress

8. Vitals

Price: Starting at $29.99/month (Free plan available)

Key Features: 

  • Visitor Replays, which record visitor actions like clicks and scrolls
  • Works with Facebook Messenger & Pixel, and Instagram
  • Email and push marketing tools

9. Ali Reviews

Price: Starting at $9.90/month (Free plan available)

Key Features: 

  • Photo and video review capabilities
  • Unlimited automated review requests via email and SMS
  • User-friendly interface and customization options

10. LAI Product Reviews

Price: Starting at $4.95/month (Free plan available)

Key Features: 

  • Pin, hide, and group reviews with customization features
  • Customizable widgets to match your brand’s unique aesthetic
  • Import reviews from multiple different sources

Review app FAQs for businesses

Before we go, check out some additional review app FAQs to help you start using product review software in your business strategy. 

How do I choose the best review app for my business?

Below are some items to consider when browsing the best review apps for one that fits your business:

  • Your business needs: When choosing a review app for your business, identify your business needs and keep them top-of-mind so you can choose an app that meets those needs.
  • Integrations: If you use other apps to manage your business efforts and monitor campaigns, you’ll want to choose a review app that integrates with them.
  • Pricing: Keep in mind your budget when looking for customer review apps and ensure you’re choosing one that’s within your budget and/or offers the features you need for an affordable price.
  • Review capabilities: If you’re a product-based business, giving customers the capability to leave video or photo reviews can be incredibly helpful. When browsing review software, look at each platform’s review capabilities.

How do I use customer review apps in my business strategy?

Customer review apps can be integrated into your business strategy at a few different points in your sales process and overall marketing process:

  1. Prospecting: Display positive customer reviews throughout your website and marketing campaigns to help prospective customers learn more about your business, products, and services during the preliminary phase of your sales process.
  2. Post-purchase/project: Encourage customers to leave a review after purchasing your product or receiving a service from you.
  3. Customer service: Put customer feedback to good use by implementing it into your business strategy to further improve your customer service efforts and buying process for customers.

How can I increase my reviews?

Asking for customers to leave a review for your business is a great way to earn more reviews. Additionally, you can display those positive reviews on your website and other marketing material to encourage other people to leave reviews.

How do I get better reviews?

The most surefire way to earn positive reviews for your business is to consistently offer quality services, products, and customer support. Positive buying experiences stick with customers, and when you provide them with that, they’ll be more inclined to leave a review and tell others about it.

So, how do you provide a positive customer experience? Start with following some of these tips:

  • Listen to customer feedback (good and bad)
  • Be transparent with customers and encourage feedback
  • Offer prompt and helpful customer service
  • Create a sales process that’s easy to navigate

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