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The 19 best sales prospecting tools that integrate with your CRM

Cody Slingerland
Senior Contributor, Sell to Win
Cody Slingerland
Senior Contributor, Sell to Win
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For outbound sales teams, prospecting software is essential to finding new leads and nurturing them into customers.

But if you don’t have your sales prospecting tools integrated with your CRM, you’re looking at hours of hunting down contact info across multiple platforms and doing manual data entry.

Fortunately, any SaaS platform worth their salt is going to come equipped with plenty of integrations that can be enabled with just a few clicks. We’ve wrangled up 18 sales prospecting tools that integrate with your CRM—either natively or through Zapier—and make finding and engaging with your most promising prospects a breeze.

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1. ZoomInfo

zoominfo sales prospecting tools that  integrate with your crm

ZoomInfo tracks down your leads' contact info, uses AI to suggest similar contacts to reach out to, and discovers intent signals such as projects that companies are beginning. With this information in hand, your reps can capitalize on and better communicate with prospects that have the strongest intent to buy.

ZoomInfo integrates natively with several popular sales software platforms, which automatically enrich lead profiles within your CRM.

2. Clearbit Prospector

clearbit best sales prospecting tools

With Clearbit Prospector, sales reps can generate targeted lead lists with up-to-date contact information in seconds. Clearbit provides reps access to 200 million contacts at 20 million companies, and 85 different data points to filter through them all. 

There are also several options through Zapier for connecting Clearbit to your CRM of choice, so that all your new contacts automatically flow into your company's "source of truth."

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3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to take advantage of the social network’s user base of over 600 million professionals. Find new leads with the advanced search options, then let the tool suggest new leads for you. Sales Navigator also gives you crucial updates about target accounts, such as job changes or press releases.

Sales Navigator integrates with several CRMs so that you can save lead and account searches with a single click. Check out LinkedIn’s partner directory to discover which CRMs the platform currently works with.

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4. EverString

EverString analyzes companies’ search activity to determine who would be most interested to learn about your product. The platform features a database of 36 million verified contacts, so you can find the right person to get in touch with instead of having to supplement your efforts using another tool.

EverString makes it easy to send your account and lead lists to Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, or Terminus. You can also download lists as a CSV so that you can update your CRM of choice.

Calling all cold-callers!

Nutshell Pro offers unlimited Click-to-Call, so you can dial, record, and log your sales calls with a single click. Check out our full list of Pro features to see how we help B2B sellers save time and close more deals faster.


5. Reply

Reply sales prospecting crm integrations

Reply combines prospect discovery with email automation. The Chrome extension lets you add leads to a Reply account with a few clicks. From there, you can design a multichannel outreach sequence to connect with prospects over several days. 

Reply’s AI features can sort leads by how interested they are and suggest email copy and length with the highest probability of converting.

Reply also offers several CRM integrations to help streamline prospecting. Sync contacts across platforms, add contacts from your CRM to a Reply campaign, and create new lead profiles in your CRM when you receive responses in Reply.

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With, there are several ways to find leads and their contact information. Use the Chrome extension to find lead emails when browsing LinkedIn. Or, search a website domain for all associated emails. Once you have a lead list built, use to set up drip campaigns and automatic follow-ups. natively integrates with several CRMs, so you can cut down on manual data entry by creating new leads in your CRM based on activity you capture in

7. Predictive Playbooks

The biggest feature of Predictive Playbooks is its ability to create and suggest automated outreach sequences based on a lead’s previous behavior. can also update contact lists with up-to-date information so that your emails never bounce and your calls always go through.'s native integrations (which include Microsoft Dynamics and SAP) allow you to build pipelines faster within your CRM by suggesting contacts you should target and how you should engage with them.

8. Outreach

outreach sales prospecting tools crm integrations

Once you have a list of target accounts, Outreach can help you make a quality first impression. The platform can suggest different automated outreach sequences across email, phone, SMS, and LinkedIn mail. There are also personalization tools that allow you to tailor messages at scale, giving reps more time to focus on meetings or speaking directly with prospects and less time on composing emails.

Outreach offers several native and third-party integrations that allow you to automatically log calls and emails made in Outreach directly to your CRM.

9. Mailshake

Mailshake sales prospecting software crm integrations

Mailshake specializes in scaling up your cold email outreach efforts without sacrificing on personalization. Build outreach sequences with touch points across multiple platforms, from Twitter to email, so that you’re always top of mind with prospects. The simple and intuitive dashboard lets you see where you stand in your outreach efforts. 

Mailshake offers native integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive, and a few other CRMs, as well as more through Zapier.

10. LeadIQ

leadiq best sales prospecting tools

On average, sales reps spend only 25% of their time selling. LeadIQ increases sales and marketing efficiency by allowing your sales team to focus on higher-value activities. The LeadIQ tool saves sales reps an average of six hours per week on manual data entry alone.

LeadIQ enables your sales team to reach the right prospects at the ideal companies. You can capture leads directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator or any website with one click and add them straight into your favorite sales tools. It takes 25 clicks, on average, to create an account in Salesforce; LeadIQ does it in three, which means your sales reps will reach the right prospects faster.

11. SalesLoft

Want a little more information about a lead before initiating contact? SalesLoft is an email automation tool that also provides lead intelligence, such as their activity history, personality traits, and relevant news updates. SalesLoft can then use that information to suggest the best outreach methods and times for engaging with that lead.

SalesLoft offers native integrations with a few CRMs so that you can automatically log SalesLoft activity within your CRM. These integrations can also sync data across platforms and negate the need for manual data entry. 

12. TextMagic

TextMagic is a business text-messaging platform that sales teams can use to target prospects with SMS notifications, alerts, reminders, and confirmations. Using their API, you can integrate TextMagic with your business and text directly from your own app.

If you have a Nutshell account, you can use TextMagic to reach hundreds of clients a day with bulk, templated text messages, or text individual contacts directly from Nutshell. Nutshell will automatically save a copy of those text conversations on your customer timelines, and you can receive replies from clients in your email inbox, in your TextMagic account, and on your Nutshell timelines. Learn more here!

13. Vainu

vainu sales prospecting software

Vainu’s real-time company data platform collects available information from open and public sources, transforms this raw data into meaningful company facts, and connects the data to our customers’ business systems.

Vainu connects with popular CRMs to help you find best-fit customers and engage with them the right way. The platform also connects with several marketing automation platforms to prioritize inbound leads and personalize your campaigns.

Thanks to these integrations, you can:

  • Fix data irregularities and update stale information lurking in your CRM
  • Fill in blanks in your data with their exhaustive firmographic, technographic, and signals information
  • Automate workflows based on data triggers
  • Get a holistic company overview in one glance

14. Albacross

Albacross collects valuable information about your website visitors. This lead generation service identifies companies that are interested in your business, their size, revenue, industry, location, and contact details of their decision-makers.

Additionally, the platform provides insights into the behavior of your website visitors, such as time spent on your website and buyer consideration stage. This functionality goes a long way toward optimizing your prospecting time.

Albacross's seamless integration with Zapier easily connects it to a wide range of applications such as different CRM solutions and outreach tools.

15. LeadBoxer

Which leads are more likely to close? Who should sales reps extend a more personal touch to? LeadBoxer can answer these questions and more with its lead generation and scoring software. It does so by carefully tracking a lead’s actions across your site, emails, and social media, then assigning them a lead score that illustrates the likelihood that they’ll buy.

Integrating LeadBoxer to your CRM, whether through Zapier or otherwise, makes it easy to create new contacts within your CRM using the leads generated and scored by LeadBoxer.

16. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder takes a look at who is visiting your site, then monitors their activity to help qualify them as a lead. The platform can also enrich contact data so you’re never left searching for the right email or manually doing data entry. If you already have some target accounts in mind, Leadfeeder can send you updates about when they visit your site. 

Leadfeeder integrates with several CRMs to automatically create and update lead profiles with information gathered by the platform. There are even more integrations through Zapier so you can connect the tool with your CRM of choice.

17. SharpSpring

For those looking for an all-in-one sales and marketing platform, SharpSpring is a comprehensive solution. In addition to designing and automating email sequences, SharpSpring can identify anonymous website visitors, track their activity, and assign them a lead score to keep your prospecting efforts focused.

SharpSpring has over a dozen different CRM integrations to help you get the most out of the platform. These integrations will keep contact information synced across platforms so there’s no need for constantly importing and exporting data files. 

18. Crystal

What kind of communication styles and outreach methods do leads best respond to? That’s the question Crystal answers. Get valuable info about a lead’s personality so that you can take your message personalization to the next level. Crystal also offers communication advice so that you can make the best first impression possible. 

Crystal offers a Chrome extension to view personality insights while browsing social media sites. You can also integrate Crystal with your CRM so you can receive communication insights for leads as you work.

19. Datanyze

A screenshot of Datanyze's landing page

Datanyze is a cheap and lightweight Chrome extension that allows salespeople to get highly accurate information about their prospects in a matter of seconds. One strong point in Datanyze's favor is that they take privacy seriously and over-deliver on all the legal requirements associated with finding information about people online.

Datanyze's Chrome extension-as-default interface makes performing prospect research a breeze, as there's no cumbersome user interface serving as an obstacle between research and outreach. It's definitely worth checking out (for free.) Paid plans start at $21 per month, with 960 credits per year, at an average cost of just over 25 cents per lead.

Supercharge your CRM

If you don’t yet have your sales prospecting tools connected to your CRM, then you’re likely wasting loads of time on manual data entry or chasing down the wrong contacts. Integrating your platforms allows you and the other sales reps on your team to get back to doing what you do best, which is offering a personal touch to your most promising leads.

Nutshell is a sneaky powerful CRM that integrates with many sales prospecting tools. Between Nutshell’s native integrations and the myriad of integrations powered by Zapier, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to make your favorite platforms work better together. Get started with a free 14-day trial today!


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