Introducing a Fresh Take on the Sales Dashboard

What’s the first app you launch every day? Sure, there’s email, calendar, Facebook…but how much are they telling you about your business?

Nutshell—and any CRM worth its salt—collects all kinds of information about prospects and customers. Making the right information available and actionable to each user is the hard part. Solving this problem is a core reason we originally created Nutshell.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Nutshell’s new sales dashboard, which puts the information that sales managers and reps care about most in one convenient place.

Each user decides what they want to see on their dashboard by adding cards. Cards show everything from weekly activity quotas to the biggest sales of the month. This initial launch includes six types of dashboard cards: Leaderboard, Quotas, Metrics, List, List Summary, and Pipeline.

It’s easy to add, remove, and reposition cards so that the most important data is front and center. Each user’s daily activities, tasks, and company timeline is also displayed on the dashboard.


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