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Nutshell Announces Audit Log

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Having oversight into your team’s actions in Nutshell is crucial for tracing how your company data is handled. 

The solution to uncovering your team’s actions is Audit Log, Nutshell’s newest feature. Audit Log is available to admins on Nutshell Enterprise plans and allows you to see the actions users in your business have taken with your company’s CRM data, including logins, bulk edits, and exports. 

Keep reading to learn about Audit Log and how it can help your organization!

What is Audit Log? 

Audit Log is a record of the actions your team has taken with company data. With Audit Log, you’ll be able to track information like logins and exports from the lists pages as needed, and see when they occurred. 

Why is Audit Log important?

Suppose your team is training new hires to manage data, a data breach occurred, or you think something suspicious is going on with your exports. Audit Log shows you who’s taking those actions and when, helping you and other account administrators trace what’s been going on and ensure users are handling your data correctly. 

How Audit Log works 

Audit Log tracks users’ IP addresses to create a tabulated view of what actions they’ve taken in your Nutshell account. You can access the following information in your Audit Log:

  • User name 
  • IP address
  • Date and time 
  • Type of action (login, bulk edit, export)
  • Number of edits 
  • Session details 
  • Status
  • Device type 

Here’s a sneak peek of how your Audit Log could look:

How to access your Audit Log 

If you’re on our Nutshell Enterprise plan and have administrative access, you can find your Audit Log by going to the Settings page and selecting Audit Log in the Administration section.

Frequently asked questions 

Still have questions about Audit Log? We’ve compiled the answers to some common questions to help you understand what this feature is all about: 

How do I access Audit Log? 

Audit Log is available only to admins on our Nutshell Enterprise plan. 

For a complete list of the other features you get with Nutshell Enterprise, visit our Nutshell Enterprise page

What actions can I track with Audit Log? 

Audit Log provides a detailed record of Nutshell user logins, bulk edits, and list exports, including when these actions occurred. 

How frequently is Audit Log updated? 

Audit Log updates automatically in real time, giving you the most accurate information about users’ actions. 

Can I export or download my Audit Log?

You can’t export or download Audit Log, but it’s always accessible for your review and analysis within Nutshell. 

Want to get started with Audit Log? Upgrade to Nutshell Enterprise! 

Audit Log will be an important tool for companies needing visibility into their team’s actions in Nutshell, allowing administrators to trace activities to team members and improve their data management. 

To access your company’s Audit Log, upgrade your account to Nutshell Enterprise, our limitless CRM. With a Nutshell Enterprise account, you get access to powerful new features like:

  • Unlimited sales pipelines and teams
  • Multiple currencies
  • SQL access for deep reporting
  • Ongoing white glove data imports
  • Phone support
  • A dedicated Success Strategist
  • And more!

Visit the Enterprise page to learn more about Nutshell Enterprise, or feel free to reach out to our support team with any additional questions. And check out our Product Updates page to see what other updates and new features we’ve been rolling out this spring!

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